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The Website of Canada Immigration continues to experience the Trump Bump

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 19, Dec 2016

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The website of Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) continue to experience the rise in user traffic from America. The rise in traffic from USA on IRCC website first started during the election campaign in America, when there was a buzz that Donald Trump may become the next president of America. Moreover, the number of visitors from the US even crashed Canadas immigration website on the night of US Presidential Elections.

What is Trump Bump?

This sudden rise of visitors from the US on Canadas website is being termed as Trump Bump. Many in US dont like Trumps tough stand against the immigrants and Muslims, and hence, the news of Trump winning in presidential elections, didnt go well with them. Hence, several of such individuals finding ways to move to Canada and other advanced nations, as Trump is now certain to become the 45th President of the United States of America.

What do the Americans seek on Canadian Sites?

Its obvious that the visitors from the US are exploring the IRCC website to find pathways to immigrate to and settle in Canada. However, its not just the website of IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada); the traffic from US has also increased on Canadian real estate and dating sites. As per some experts, the visitors perhaps looking for faster pathways to move to Canada, and hence, marrying a Canadian is probably the fastest, what they believe.

The other possible pathway in search is seeking refuge in Canada. Though, being accepted in Canada, as a refugee from a democratic and developed nation like America is not that easy at all, however, despite all this, the refugee claimants from the USA reached to 170 in the last 11 months, which just 73 a year prior to that.

Canada is ideal immigration destination for millions of aspirants across the world

Canada is not just the most desired immigration destination for Americans, but millions of immigration aspirants across the world. Every year tens of thousands of individuals and families apply for immigration to Canada. Today, thousands of candidates registered in the Express Entry System- a popular online and point based immigration system of Canada. After the US elections, number of immigration applications to Canada is expected to increase from all over the world. The individuals, who were looking to move to USA earlier, may consider applying for Canadian PR visa.

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