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Vancouver may Welcome significant number of Tech Professionals Courtesy Trumps Immigration policy

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 08, Feb 2017

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The city of Vancouver in Canadian province British Columbia is likely to welcome a significant number of talented technology professionals and workers from the US and rest of the world in the coming months. A huge credit of this goes to the immigration policies of the US President Donald Trump.

International IT workers in US looking for alternate options

The international IT workers employed in US are already looking for alternate immigration options. The immigration lawyers of Canada have also confirmed this fact, in view of rising number of immigration inquiries being received at their end from US IT workers and professionals.

The immigrant workers in the US have become uncertain about their immigration status. A huge number of individuals working in America on H-1B Visa program and with news of possible restriction on this program, immigrant workers have become concerned about chances their residency in the US. The immigration environment and political chaos in the US also adding fuel to their doubts and concerns about their stable immigration status in the United States of America in the months to come.

Vancouver- A perfect alternate for Silicon Valley

Vancouver city in British Columbia, Canada, in view of its proximity and fertile IT industry could be a perfect alternate of the US Silicon Valley for the tech workers in the US. In fact, several top IT companies already have their offices in Vancouver, Canada.

True North- a group of entrepreneurs in Canada is already making efforts to lure tech talent in the maple leaf country from the USA. It is offering the similar visa options to the immigrant workers in the US on H-1B visa.

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Other Canadian Provinces are also Equipped to Welcome Tech Talent from Overseas

Apart from Vancouver, there are several Canadian provinces and territories, which are ready to welcome talented tech workers from the US and other parts of the world. A few of these provinces and territories are Ontario, Montreal, Waterloo, etc. The tech giants like Microsoft has already announced the expansion of its operations to the key Canadian cities, i.e. Montreal.

The immigration policy is likely to benefit the Canadian industries and organizations in future. On the other end, the US may have to suffer a considerable loss to the economy and business. Immigration and immigrants have provided key contribution in the growth and development of America over the years, in fact, top IT organizations, i.e. Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. have been launched by either immigrants or their successors in the past. And if Trump administration doesnt change its stance on immigration, it would be the gain of the countries like Canada in years to come.

Are you a Tech worker looking for foreign work visa?

If you are a tech professional or worker looking to work abroad on work visa, Canada is the prime destination to move to under the current immigration scenario.

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