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US imposed New Ban on Travelers from 8 Countries- Now Electronic Devices not allowed

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 23, Mar 2017

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The Trump administration in US has introduced new ban on the passengers coming to the USA from eight Muslim countries. The passengers from these countries won’t be allowed to carry heavy electronic devices, i.e. laptops, cameras, iPads, etc. It means the passengers from the banned countries will not be able to carry electronic devices bigger than the mobile phones. This ban is expected to affect the passengers from about 12 airlines.

Ban on carrying the Electronic Devices

The ban is applicable on flights to US from the ten airports in countries, i.e. UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. The complete details of the ban are yet to be announced by the US authorities. Though the reason for ban is not clearly revealed, however it being understood that the ban is imposed in view of the security threats. However, medical devices and Mobile phones are not included in the banned electronic device list.

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Meanwhile, some airlines (i.e. Royal Jordanian Airlines) have already issued instructions to their passengers traveling to or arriving from the US that not to carry the electronic or electrical devices along with them while boarding a flight. All the banned electronic devices, i.e. tablets, electronic games, cameras, laptops, DVD players etc. required to be carried in the checked luggage only.

Ban on Electronic Devices not Connected with Earlier Travel Ban

However, as per the reports, the new ban by US administration on electronic devices is not connected with the earlier immigration order by US President Donald Trump, which banned travelers from six Muslim countries. The earlier immigration order by Trump created a huge roar among the public and media. The CEOs of different MNCs and few world leaders also criticized the earlier travel ban by Trump administration on various grounds. Even the US Media didn’t support the decision.

Canada- one of the key beneficiaries of tough immigration policy of the US

Canada has been among the key beneficiaries of the tough stand on immigration by the President Trump and the USA. It announced to give temporary permanent residence to the travelers affected by the US travel ban. The tech industry of the Canada is also making efforts to magnetize the highly skilled and talented IT workers and professionals, who are not looking alternate immigration pathways in view of adverse US immigration policy.

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So, if you are also a US immigration aspirant rethinking about your immigration plans, Canada is an ideal destination for you to move to at now. Canada is the best country for immigrants in view of its lenient immigration rules and policies, high employment rate, enhanced infrastructure, livable cities and high standards of living. To apply for permanent residency in Canada, you explore the express entry, PNP, QSWP etc. programs, which are the key Canada immigration pathways. You may also consult a trusted Canadian Visa consultant for inclusive process help and assistance in immigration to Canada.


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