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US Immigration- President Obama Supported Immigration, considered it as America’s 'oldest tradition'

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 31, Dec 2015

visas default image The US President Barack Obama has defended Immigration to US considering it as America’s “Oldest Tradition”. On the occasion of a Naturalization Ceremony in National Archives, Washington, he told that immigration is “who we are”.

US President defended the Immigration in the country

As per Barack Obama, "We don't simply welcome new arrivals, we are born of immigrants, that is who we are, immigration is our origin story,". The statement seemed to be the response to the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s controversial remark earlier this month, in which he said that all Muslims should be banned from entering in US.

The President further added "For more than two centuries it’s remained at the core of our national character, it's our oldest tradition; it's who we are, and its part of what makes us exceptional.”.

Recent Attacks triggered the heated debates and Arguments about Immigration

The whole debate tone about immigrants especially the Muslims took a harsh tone, after the recent terror attack in France as well as in California (America). Moreover, the speeches during the presidential election campaign have fueled the debate further. However, the whole chaos and hot debates are likely to get cooled once the election campaign is over.

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