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14th Express Entry Draw of 2016- Key predictions and Tips for securing ITA for Canadian PR

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 25, Jun 2016

visas default image The 14th Express Entry draw is round the corner and the applicants have already started calculating and predicting their chances of securing the ITA in the upcoming draw. Last few draws have seen quite high qualifying marks and low number of invitations, which have added to the worries of the applicants with low CRS score.

The qualifying marks as per last draw stormed to 488 points, whereas the number invitations for PR visa decreased to 752 only. Both the aspects have touched the extreme level in the last few months, i.e. the invites being the lowest and qualifying marks the highest in the recent past.

What are the expectations from 14th draw of Express entry?

The trend of low number of invitations and higher qualifying marks is likely to sustain in coming few draws. The ongoing trend has a lot to do with the parallel running immigration programs, i.e. QSWP, SINP, etc. The nomination certificate received via PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) raises provides 600 CRS points to the selected candidates, which ultimately enhance the bar of express entry qualifying marks.

How to secure ITA with low CRS Score?

The candidates with low qualifying marks need to find ways to still secure their ITA. One of the key ways would be applying in open immigration programs or PNP (Provincial Nominee programs) of Canada. The currently open Canadian immigration programs are:

  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP): The SINP is the crucial provincial nominee program of Saskatchewan Province of Canada. It is at now open to receive 1100 applications under its ISW- Occupation in Demand subcategory. The successful candidates under SINP will receive a nomination certificate that in turn will add 600 points to the total CRS Score of the applicants ensuring their ITA from IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada).
Know more about the open SINP program here
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP): Its the popular immigration program of Quebec province of Canada. The QSWP is at now open to accept 5000 applications. The selected candidate under this program will get Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) that will enable the applicants to apply for PR in Canada to IRCC.
Know more about the open QSWP program here

Applying in these programs shall prepare a base to enhance your CRS score in Express entry through the nomination certificate received.

How to get key advice and support to secure ITA in Express Entry system?

Express entry is a point based immigration system wherein your profile is judged based on the points you receive for factors, i.e. age, education, language proficiency, work experience, etc. If you want to secure ITA via express entry, you need to find ways to enhance your CRS Score.

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