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UK rejects the Australian Point based Model of Immigration for the EU Nationals- What are the Alternates?

Posted - 29, Sep 2016

The British PM Theresa May has rejected the point based model of immigration to control the European migration. In a recent statement, May denied the allegations that she has gone soft on immigration.

She reiterated that people supported Brexit in order to control the immigration and the point based model shall no way allow the government to restrain the same.

Brexit Vote needs to be respected

Though, May supported staying in EU, however, at the same time, she reaffirmed that the Brexit Vote must be respected. She further suggested that the controlling the free movement of EU nationals into UK would be the alert point, while dealing with the European Union in future.

No Australian-style point based Immigration System

Speaking to media earlier this month, May clearly rejected the proposal of following the Australian-style point based system for allowing the skilled and unskilled workers from EU and other countries, coming to UK every year. As per her, this type of immigration system would allow anyone in the country if they fulfill the requirements, instead of giving the ultimate control to the government. In fact, implementing the restrain on Student visa had been exceedingly successful measures in terms of decreasing the immigration in the country.

Speaking to media during the G20 summit earlier this month, she advocated a foolproof immigration system for UK. May said, "I want a system where the government is able to decide who comes into the country - I think that's what the British people want. A points-based system means that people come in automatically if they just meet the criteria.”

Need to curb the abuse in the system as well

Mrs. May has a comprehensive view on the UK immigration system, which she has revealed time and again. She has also stated earlier that we need to look in to the wide range of issues associated with this problem. It’s not just about controlling the system via rules; we also need to disallow the abuse in the system and handling those individuals, who are found in the country illegally. She also gave indications that the EU nationals will go on with their rights of living and working in UK post Brexit. May said, “People wanted to see an ability to be able to control the movement of people from the European Union. And obviously that's what I say, not free movement as it has been in the past".

Hence, it’s clear that Australian-style point based immigration system is certainly not the UK’s cup of tea at the moment and this is the reason that alternate system is being explored to control the immigration of EU citizens in the country.

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