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The UK Immigration Fee to be changed w.e.f. April 6, 2016

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 16, Jan 2016

visas default image As per the latest announcement by the UK Government, the immigration fee in the UK will be changed from April, 2016. The UK government has confirmed that the fee for visas, immigration, and related premium services and Applications for Nationality will be changed w.e.f. April 6, 2016. The government has plans to make the enhancement in the whole procedure to set the new standards and hence, the increase in the fee might be seen in this context.

What are the Changes Announced in the fee?
Below significant changes are announced in the fee:

  • One of the main changes is the 2% tiny increase on a work visa, student visa and visit visas, the entry clearance fee for Tier 2, all shall be increased from 564 pounds to 575 pounds for the 3 year visa. For the visa up to 5 years, the fee is increased from 1,128 pounds to 1,151 pounds
  • The increase of 664 from 651 pounds for three year visa in the nation additional leave to stay has announced. And from 1302 pounds to 1328 pounds for five year visa.
  • The similar fee would be charged for every dependent.
  • The highest fee considered for the all Tier 2 applications is 1,500 pounds, although, however, for this particular category there are no immediate plans to change.
  • For in country applications, the same day processing fee will be increased by 25%, from the existing 400 pounds to 500 pounds.
  • For the in country applications the priority postal processing fee to be increased by 25% from the existing fee of 300 pounds to 375 pounds.
  • The settlement fee is going to increase by 25%, for the main applicant along with the each dependent submitting application for the settlement; the fee shall be increased from 1500 pounds to 1875 pounds apiece. Every applicant shall now be paying around 2,375 pounds in case the same day processing is required. The maximum fees planned for this particular class is 3,250 pounds.
  • An increase of 25% has been announced in the nationality fees. Hence, every applicant shall now be paying around 1,156 pounds from the existing 1,005 pounds.
  • The complete sponsor licensing application fee shall remain at the current rates only.
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