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Trump Proposed Point Based Immigration System for the US like Canada & Australia

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 01, Mar 2017

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The US President Donald Trump has proposed a merit based immigration System for America. In his first address to Congress Trump emphasized on the need for immigration reform and recommended the merit-based immigration system for the USA. The latest statement of the president Trump may start a new discussion with regards to the US immigration policy that is already been in news, disputes and discussions in last few weeks.

New Immigration System Proposed for the USA

Speaking to the Congress, President Trump suggested that America requires adopting an immigration system that prefers the individuals, who have the best qualities to succeed financially in the US. He suggest few outlines, as to how the system should function, however, he mentioned Canada and Australia as the closed models of the point based immigration system.

As per President Trump, "Nations around the world, like Canada, Australia and many others have a merit-based immigration system. It is a basic principle that those seeking to enter a country ought to be able to support themselves financially," he said. "Yet, in America, we do not enforce this rule, straining the very public resources that our poorest citizens rely upon."

Canada has one of the best Immigration Systems in the world

Launched in January, 2015, Canadas Express Entry System is considered as one of the best immigration systems in the world. It evaluates the people based on their age, education, work experience, language skills, etc. It has the primary objective of serving the labour market needs and requirements of the Canada and hence, it chooses the skilled workers and professionals, which best suit the Canadian labour market.

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He also mentioned about the U.S.-Canadian women's entrepreneur council that he has formed back few weeks with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He further added, "With the help of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, we have formed a Council with our neighbors in Canada to help ensure that women entrepreneurs have access to the networks, markets and capital they need to start a business and live out their financial dreams," .

He also restated his commitment of building a great wall along the Mexican border to deny the entry of undocumented or illegal immigrants from the neighboring country. Prior to his address to congress, President Trump also showed his intention in a press meet to impose new immigration rules that would permit legal status, to some undocumented immigrants, who had not done any serious crimes. The legal status such allocated may include the permission to work and pay taxes. Immigration to the countries like Canada, Australia, or USA requires the thorough understanding the point based immigration system and new guidelines in the changed era.

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