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Indians Received the Most PR Visas in Canada in the First four months of 2020

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 18, Jun 2020

visas default image India leads the tally of top source countries of Canada's new Permanent Residence (PR) Visa holders in first four months of 2020. Canada welcomed just under 74,000 new immigrants in first four months (i.e. between January and April month) this year. India accounted for most of these PR holders this year.

Canada has massive immigration target for its key Economic immigration programs, i.e. express entry and PNP this year as well as the last year. Hence, the recent pandemic has not affected the new Invitations as well as the admissions this year, through key economic immigration programs, i.e. Express Entry system and PNP, etc.

Top 10 source countries of Canada's new Permanent Residence (PR) holders

Despite the disruption caused by Covid-19, Canada's immigration department is doing all efforts to process the immigration application as quickly as possible.

India leads the tally of top 10 source countries of new immigrants to Canada this year until date. Out of the total 74,000 Permanent residents, who received Canada Permanent residence visa this year, 17,615 PR holders were from Indian origin. It is 24 per cent of total new PRs in the first four months this year.
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Top 10 Source Countries of Immigrants to Canada

China is second in the list of top source countries with 7,200 PR holders. Hence, you can see the difference between Indians getting PR and rest of the countries. Philippines is at no.3 with 5,430 PR holders in Canada this year. The United States of America remained at fourth position followed by Nigeria, France, Pakistan, Korea, Iran and United Kingdom.

Immigration to Canada from India

Indians always remains on top of the list, when it comes to new immigrants to Canada every year. Indian citizens are often proficient in English speaking possesses the skills and characteristics (i.e. qualification, work experience, etc.) that are essential to get through the Canadian immigration system and subsequent, get the Invitation to Apply for Canadian permanent residency.

In the year 2019 too, India led the tally as 85,590 PRs received by the Indians followed by China and Philippines.

Apply permanent residency in Canada in 2020

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) continues to accept the new PR visa applications this year, despite the chaos over pandemic. Now, the Canadian government has also started easing out the temporary travel restrictions employed to contain the outbreak of Covid-19.

Hence, it is the ideal time to start the process for immigration to Canada under the guidance of trusted Visa Advisor and Consultant. As it is, you, as a Canada PR applicant, get ample time to travel to Canada after getting the PR and by then the current row over the pandemic will be over.

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