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US, Denmark, UK and Canada Ranks among Top 10 countries for attracting the Skilled Migrants

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 23, Jan 2016

visas default image As per a recent study, the US, Denmark, UK and Canada ranks among top 10 countries for attracting the Skilled Migrants in the country. It’s basically a new index based on the push and pull factors driving the international movement of skilled migrants.

The US and UK retained their positions of 2014
Among these countries, the US and UK has retained their position of year 2014. The USA was at 4th place in the year 2014, whereas the UK was at seventh position globally for attracting, grooming, and retaining the highly skill migrants. Both have sustained their previous positions in the list of top 10 countries, for being the most talent competitive country in the world, despite all the debates, discussions, and disputes in the country regarding the immigration.

How Canada and Denmark are placed in the list?
Among the other countries, Denmark showed tremendous rise and reached to 5th position from the 8th position previous year. On the other end, Canada took a hit back and slipped to 9th position from the 5th position of year 2014. The Canada although, has been the most ideal country for skilled migrants, however, this fall in the list might be due to their new immigration system and consequent decrease in the immigration rate in the country.

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