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The New Employer Portal Launched for Canadian Employers to Manage the Offers of Employment

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 30, Oct 2015

visas default image As a further step to make immigration to Canada hassle free for both worldwide applicants and Canadian Employers the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced anew Electronic Portal, i.e. Employer Portal, in order to manage the offers of employment, issued to overseas workers, by the employers in Canada.Opened on 26thOctober, 2015, this Employer Portal will help the Canadian Employers to a great deal, in hiring the overseas workers via TFW (Temporary Foreign Workers Program) or International Mobility Program.

Employers need to submit LMIA Exempt Offer of Employment to CIC

Employers need to submit offer of Employment (issued to a foreign worker) directly to CIC in LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Exempt cases. Now, the earlier form, i.e. IMM 5802 regarding offer of Employment (issued to a foreign worker exempted from LMIA) is obsolete and not to be used. The Employer Portal is only for the use of the Temporary Worker or residence applications in Canada.

What is LMIA Exemption?

The Canadian Employers usually require LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) approval in order to bring Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada. However, there are a few cases wherein the LMIA is exempted, i.e.International Exchange Programs, International Agreements, Religious Workers, Academics, Dependents of Foreign Workers, Provincial LMIA Exemptions, Entrepreneurs/Self-Employed Candidates, Intra-Company Transferees.

What will happen to already give forms to overseas Workers?

The overseas workers, who have already received completed forms from the Canadian Employers, require submitting the application for Work Permit prior to 21stNovember, failing which, their employers again needs to submit the Offer of Employment through Employer Portal.

The CIC is committed to making the different Immigration procedures and systems online to ensure faster and organized processing of Visa Applications which in turn will make Immigration to Canada hassle free and smooth.

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