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The Key Study Points of Express Entry Mid-Year Report

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 19, Jun 2015

visas default image The much talked and highly rated Express Entry System of CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has completed its six months. It was launched in the month January, 2015 and since then, it has been among the talks for its well structured and planned point based immigration procedure. It was primarily designed to meet the immigration needs of the labour market of Canada and also segregate the migrants in to various categories, for easy, hassle free and faster immigration of quality candidates to Canada. It has been regarded so far as an outstanding and exceptional application management system of Canada.

The Mid Year Report of Express Entry System

The system has issued its initial six months report for further assessment and findings. It will work as an overview of the Express Entry Progress, success, and performance in last six months. The report is based on the data extracted up to July 6, 2015. It presents a sequential data about the number of invitations issued, since its commencement in the Month of January this year. It will also reflect the details regarding number of candidates in Express entry pool

A Brief about Express Entry Invitation Rounds

As per the express entry system, the candidates for permanent residency shall be invited through periodic rounds. The candidates are required to create the profile and submit the EOI (Expression of Interest) on CIC website and they will periodically get selected and invited in the Express Entry Pool, based on their profile score. The invited candidates will have to file the Visa Application forpermanent residency in Canada. The system so far invited the limited number of candidates through these rounds since January, 2015.

However, the candidates selected under these initial rounds are likely to be the ones who already are working in Canada, i.e. who have got a job n Canada, as the candidates with job offer are being allocated additional 600 points in their total Express Entry Profile score. The initial rounds also selected the candidates first who were not able to apply earlier under express entry due to job constraint or any other reason.

The Express Entry pool System

The numbers of candidates get selected in the Express Entry pool is based on the requirement of three federal economic immigration programs. At now, 1500 candidates per week are getting included in the pool. However, in the coming months the size of the pool is likely to get increased as the selection of the candidates will become more diverse in view of the Canadian Labour Market needs and requirements.

The first six months statistics of Express Entry System Below are the first six months figures of Express Entry System. The data is prepared based on the Express entry profiles submitted till July 6, 2015.

  • Total number of profiles completed and processed in Express Entry are-112,701
  • The number of profiles considered as Not Eligible are-48,723
  • The pending profile in the pool (for Job bank Registration, PN Validation) are-4,302
  • Total number of withdrawn profiles-6,441
  • Total number of Invited Candidates-12,017
  • The total active candidates in the pool are-41,218
India leads the immigration to Canada figures

India leads the first six months immigration statistics for immigration to Canada. Below are the key immigration figures where India tops the tally
  • India tops the tally of Country of Citizenship of Invited Candidates as of July 6, 2015 with 2687 candidates and 20.8% contribution. Philippines and USA following India.
  • India is at the 2ndposition after Canada, in the list of the Country of Residence of Invited Candidates as of July 6, 2015 with 420 candidates and 3.2% contribution. The US and Philippines following India.
  • A total of 51 candidates got the CRS score more than 1000.
  • Most number of Candidates got invited under Canadian Experience Class program, i.e. 5,534
  • Out of the total invited candidates (12,928), a total of 411 candidates with dependents got admission till now
  • Total of 844 candidates and dependents have been issued a visa till now.
  • The rest of the applications are either in process or not got the details of dependents etc.
  • Most number of candidates invited in the month of February, i.e. 849
Other key statistics about the Express Entry first six month

The all the above Express Entry statistic are of initial six months and coming months might witness a great change in the total number of immigrations or the immigration pattern. However, despite all the discussion, it goes without saying that as of now its one of the most organized and well structured immigration systems in the world and likely to make immigration to Canada smoother and hassle free for both immigrants and the Government of Canada.

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