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Tasmania Skilled Migration Program to open in Late January 2021

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 23, Dec 2020

Tasmania Skilled Migration Program to open in Late January 2021 The state of Tasmania, Australia to open its Skilled Migration Nomination program for the year 2020-21 in late January 2021. The state has now received its full nomination quota for the program year 2020-21. Hence, the program is likely to re-open to general applications in late January next year with updated requirements. The interim program restrictions to remain in place.

Nomination Allocation for Tasmania Skilled Migration & Business Program

The full allocation details received by the state of Tasmania are:

Subclass 491 - 1400 places

Subclass 190 - 1000 places

Business migration - 45 places

Nearly 25% of skilled visa nomination places have been used in this allocation. Presently, Migration Tasmania is altering selection requirements and policies to replicate the expectations and primacies set out by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia, with the expectancy of opening to general applications in late January 2021. Until that time, the interim program provisions will continue to function.

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Explanation of critical roles

For Tasmania, the critical roles include the ones:

  • directly assisting in Tasmania's global pandemic response directly engaged by the government of Tasmania
  • Offering critical, expert medical services or delivering medical supplies possibly linked with the pandemic response. This comprises all general nursing and medical positions with the Tasmanian Health Service
  • directly involved in the supply of necessary goods and services (medical technology, critical infrastructure, telecommunications, engineering and mining, supply chain logistics, agricultural technology, food production, and the maritime industry) counting highly skilled and specialised roles in:

    • infrastructure engineering and maintenance, i.e. dams, large-/high-complexity bridges, irrigation schemes, transport logistics planning and maintenance
    • agriculture, i.e. artificial insemination technicians, wool classers, livestock pregnancy scanners
    • The supply of necessary goods and services, which would be in a hazard without the candidate.
*This does not comprise lower-level positions, i.e. retail workers, harvest labour, delivery drivers, or warehouse staff.

  • delivering services in areas critical to economic recovery i.e. financial technology, large scale manufacturing, film and television production and emerging technology which:

    • needs to be high-value/highly-skilled/specialised roles
    • Would generally comprise a noteworthy and acknowledged contribution to export income, significant flow-on employment and economic benefits, high-value national/ global exposure.
*This will not generally comprise small scale, locally oriented operations.

Moreover, Tasmania will accept new applications from people with a job in:

  • skilled health and allied health occupations, including in private and not-for-profit sectors
  • senior support workers/enrolled nurses/registered nurses in aged, disability and community care (minimum diploma qualified).
Business Migration program (i.e. Subclass 188 and 132 visa nomination applications)

As Business Migration program opens again, all new business nominations need to be of high quality that supports Australia's global pandemic recovery effort.

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