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The Seasonal Worker Program of Australia has been extended by the Government

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 17, Feb 2016

visas default image The Seasonal Worker Program of Australia has been further extended as per the recent announcement by the Australian Government. The program has been extended to help the employers involved in the Agricultural domain to cater to the problem of seasonal labour shortage. However, they still need to provide the proof that there was no local employee available to perform the job.

Good News for the Employers as well as the Seasonal Workers
It’s good news for the employers involved in the variety of agricultural sectors, i.e. grain, cattle, sheep and blended enterprises, etc. as now they can apply to partake in the Seasonal Worker Program to hire the seasonal workers from abroad. It would be good for the Australian Economy and industries as well in general, as the employers in the agricultural industry will now be getting the additional options with regard to Seasonal Workers and subsequently will be able to plan their harvests in a better way.

Talking about the extension, the Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce said, "This is good news for Australian farming enterprises that now have more options for seasonal labour and can better plan for their harvests and other busy periods with much greater certainty,".

The Seasonal Worker Program has been Significant
The Seasonal Worker Program had been Significant so far for the Australia. As of now, a total of 8600 visa have been issued under the Seasonal Worker Program since 2012 for the various occupations.

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