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Scott Morrison Sworn in as the new PM of Australia! Immigrants look for a respite after recent Rule Changes

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 25, Aug 2018

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Scott Morrison has sworn in as the 30th Prime Minster of Australia on Friday, 24 August 2018. He replaced his own ally Malcolm Turnbull to become the 6th prime minister of Australia in the last 11 years. The political instability in the Oz has been a concern among the intellectuals as well as amongst the public in last one decade.

Three Way Race within the party

Mr Morrison, who is former Treasurer of the country, won a party-room voting 45-40, ending the whole chaos, which was giving sleepless nights to the conservative government ahead of May 2019 elections. It was a three-way race including Mr Dutton the former home affairs minister, Scott Morrison himself and foreign minister Julie Bishop, which finally won by Mr Morrison, who is also the former Treasurer of Australia.

What Impact it will have on Immigrants?

Well, the Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia is positive that the victory of Mr Morrison won't be a preamble to any discriminatory changes to immigration policy.

As per the statement from the Federation of Ethnic Communities' Council, "It is the duty of the nation's leaders to ensure that public discussion around immigration and multiculturalism is conducted in a respectful manner and that Australia remains a shining example of a successful multicultural society,"

With the change in leadership, tens of thousands of Australia immigration aspirants are hopeful for more lenient immigration rules and visa policies in months to come.

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Ex- PM Turnbull employed stern immigration policy

Peter Dutton the former home affairs minister of Australia, announced and implemented few stern immigration rule changes under the Prime Ministership of Malcolm Turnbull. These changes didn't go well with the immigration aspirants and applicants in Australia. Now, as both are not the centre stage at the moment, immigrants are hoping for some leniency in the immigration rules and policies from the government.

Nonetheless, it will be too early to foresee the stance of the new Australian Prime Minister. As the election are round the corner, we will have to wait and see, what position the new leadership takes on the important issues, such as, Immigration, Business and Economy.

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