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Saskatchewan- EOI System has now come in to effect for SINP- Express entry & OID streams

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 17, Jul 2018

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The much talked about Expression of Interest (EOI) based system for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has now taken effect. On 16th July, it was the first day of the EOI based system of SINP- OID and express entry streams.

The implementation of new EOI based system has put an end to the old 'First Come First Served' pattern of accepting application under the two key streams of SINP.

How EOI Based system will work?

In new EOI based system the interested applicants will create a profile in SINP. The applicant will get a definite point score based on the key profile factors entered by him/her, i.e. age, education, work experience, language proficiency level, etc.

The candidates scoring minimum 60 points and also meeting the other eligibility requirements will find place in the pool of candidates. The pool is for the candidates under Occupation in Demand and Express Entry subcategories of SINP. The selected candidates will receive Invitation to Apply (ITA) for provincial nomination via periodic draws by SINP.

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Benefits of New EOI based system

The new Expression of System (EOI) system has many underlying benefits, which makes it a special model. This model has been quite successful for Federal Express Entry system as well as many other Provincial Nominee programs (PNPs) of Canada. Here are some key benefits this system will have:

  • Qualified applicants will be selected
The EOI system will help the qualified applicants now to get considered for the provincial nomination. Earlier many qualified applicants couldn't get selected due to the First come first severed pattern.
  • Emphasis on Human capital factors
Emphasis will be more on human capital factors, rather than the fact how early the application has been submitted by an applicant.
  • More candidates can apply
Now more people will be able to apply in the SINP- key streams, contrary to the first come first served model, where only few applicants (who apply early) only used to be considered for the nomination.
  • Regular draws- no occasional openings
SINP will held regular draws now to issue invitation. Hence, there will be no occasional opening of the application intake.
  • 60 days to submit application

The candidates will now get 60 days to submit the complete application once they have received the ITA (Invitation to Apply), whereas, in the old first come first served system, applicants only used to get few hours to submit the application.

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