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Recommendation of express entry as ‘sea change’

Posted - 26, Oct 2015

The minister of Canada Immigration and Citizenship Chris Alexander has notified about the Canada’s first served official immigration system as inappropriate with respect to the present needs of job markets; mostly in remote regions where the employment rate is low as in Saskatchewan.

The minister addressed a conference in Regina and discussed about the age old immigration laws in which they were knotted down. He admitted that because of the ministerial laws of the government they have to entertain each and every application that came in, as it was received. As it was totally unpredictable about who would be applying, but after the launch of Express Entry from January 1, 2015 he hopes to receive applicants from the skilled people as they are in need of.

Talking about the announcement of express entry in July this year he says it’s a “sea change” in Canadian immigration policy. He says that it’s not a ‘new program’ to the audience at the conference addressing to immigration, recruitment and human resources (HR) professionals. He says that this system “is for delivering the existing program with their existing point system, their existing lists of occupations and other requirements, faster-six months for 80 per cent of applications or better.”

The express entry will apply the various immigration programs, the skilled worker program, the skilled trades program, and theCanadian experience class to a much larger group of candidates. So that the immigrants those are actually invited to come to Canada, the ones whose applications they actually process, are the ones they know are truly demanded, said Alexander.

It’s all because immigrants will have to meet certain educational, experience and employment criteria to the including job offer from a Canadian employer before they are even considered for selection by the express entry.

So they are changing from this contributing system, where anyone can apply, and they were unresistingly processing the operation of applications to a demand driven system that keenly selects candidates based upon the requirements identified nationally and provincially too by the employers.

Alexander said the express entry can help by quicker processing and expedited approval of immigrants. Few of the delegates were not convinced from the express entry, that it will make a big difference in the number of immigrants coming to the province especially with recent changes to the Temporary foreign worker program. Click here more


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