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Quebec to steadily increase its annual Immigration quota by 2019

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 14, Jun 2016

visas default image Quebec- One of the major provinces and mighty economies of Canada is likely to increase its annual immigration quota. The Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil said in a statement that Quebec may steadily allow 2500 more immigrants than its present quota of 50,000, by the year 2019.

Though the immigrant proportion is not much, however, it certainly shows the concern of the local government towards immigration needs and requirements of the province. With the upcoming tourist season, the need of the workers in the food service industry may rise significantly.

Immigration subject to the Law 77

The Quebec government has got the more settled plans for immigration or the number of immigrants to be accepted per year. The government wants to stick to the Law 77, which was implemented in the month of April, 2016. The law emphasizes on the economic immigration and wants the immigrants to be accepted based on the labour market needs of the province. The law proposes that the Quebec immigration aspirants should submit an expression of interest. It will enable the government to gather and form a group of candidates in queue, who have the right education and experience based on the labour market needs of the province.

As Per Statistics Quebec need 60,000 immigrants per year

As per the report from Statistics Institute of Quebec, the province need to enhance its annual immigration quota to 60,000 in order to combat the challenges aroused out of declining birth rate ageing population. As per the report, the working age population of the province has to be maintained to the required level. As per the statistics Canada, the birth rate of the Quebec is falling consistently since long i.e. from last 6 years, which indeed is a worrying sign for any provincial government.

Immigration to Quebec needs to be balanced perfectly

However, the experts and government documents also caution that unbalanced proportion of immigrants may bring further challenges in terms of their integration in the society and overall development of the Quebec. Hence, the government needs to strike a perfect balance between immigration influx and labour market needs of the Quebec and recent slight increase indicate a cautious attempt towards the same.

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