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Annual immigration to Quebec is likely to touch 52,500 mark in next 3 years

Posted - 11, Jun 2019

Quebec -one of the most popular and big provinces of Canada is likely to invite nearly 52,500 immigrants per year by 2022 as per the latest proposal introduced by the provincial government. Although, immigration level was cut this year by the Quebec government, however, in next three years, it is likely to reinstate the level of last year, i.e. year 2018.

Quebec to raise Annual Immigration level to 52,500

On 7th June 2019, Quebec government introduced an immigration proposal that would raise the current year's annual mark (i.e. 42,000) by 10,500 immigrants by 2022. In last few years (i.e. 2015 to 2018), Quebec constantly invited over 50,000 immigrants per year. However, last year only, the government announced to cut the immigration level on a temporary basis, which was also one of the commitments made during the election campaign. The idea was to overhaul the integration program and services of the province. The government of Quebec planning to achieve the immigration level ranging 49,500 and 52,500 by 2022.

MIDI is active to raise immigration level

As per MIDI, the immigration ministry of the Quebec province, since, everything seems in place now, the government is again focusing to gradually raise the immigration level to same as earlier. Although the required programs are in place, however, the key policies to kick-start the same are yet to be finalized.

In a statement issued by MIDI, "For this reason, we envision a gradual increase in the order of 3,000 to 4,000 new admissions per year [between 2020 and 2022] in order to allow both state and civil society actors to provide all immigrants to the province with the tools they need to successfully integrate into Quebec society."

Out of the total number of immigrants being planned to invite (i.e. 49,000-52,500) 65% are likely to be chosen via Quebec's economic- immigration programs, which considerably high when we compare it to the 59%in current year.

Key points of the proposal introduced by the government

Few more key points put across in the recent proposal:
  • Preferring foreign workers and over seas natives with a degree in Quebec who fulfil the labour market needs of the province and who are already staying in Quebec as temporary residents
  • Preferring skilled applicants with in-demand training or a authenticated employment offer who match short-term labour market requirements of the province
  • Accelerating the influx of economic-class immigrants in order to react more quickly to labour needs of the province of Quebec
  • Supporting employers'efforts in all regions of the province to hire temporary foreign workers by decreasing delays before their arrival and to assist procedures to fulfil the requirement of the workforce. short-term work;
  • Encouraging the selection of immigrants who know democratic values ??of the Quebec and the values ??protected in Quebec's Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms;
  • Increasing the number of adult immigrants who speak French language by increasing access to French language training run by the government
  • Supporting the permanent immigration of young individuals to take care of the concern of ageing and declining population of Quebec.

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