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Quebec released new Areas of Training List for Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 09, Aug 2018

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Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) has released the new Areas of Training List for the candidates. The areas training is one of the key factors of QSWP. In the new list, Quebec has given preference to the candidates with degrees in actuarial science, information management and early childhood education, etc. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is the most popular immigration program of Quebec province in Canada that invites and selects the suitable skilled workers for the province.

QSWP New Areas of Training List

Areas of Training is key scoring factor in the QSWP point's assessment grid. The candidate applying in QSWP get the points for the specified foreign and Quebec University, college and secondary-level vocational degrees. An applicant can score as many as 12 points for the 'Areas of Training' point selection factor. The degrees, i.e. Actuarial science, information management and early childhood education are few among the 7 most valued foreign degrees, which receive the maximum 12 points under the new list. New list will be associated to the new EOI based system, which has taken effect from August 2, 2018.

New EOI system

The Quebec's new EOI based system is effective from August 2. The new system also includes a factor that gives points to the applicants based on their US work experience. It's the only province in Canada to have such a point factor. Old first come, first served system of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program has been replaced by the new Expression of Interest (EOI) System.

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Two groups in EOI bank

The applicants in EOI bank will be segregated in two groups, i.e. applicants who are either living in Quebec and meet key parameters or have an employment offer in the province, and the other group will be for applicants living outside Quebec. The point score will be key deciding factor in both cases. The Area of Training list is one of the ranking factors for candidates applying from outside the province. The points of areas of training factor will also be considered once an applicant receives the invitation for a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate).

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