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Quebec mulls to invite 10,000 more immigrants per year by 2020

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 25, Aug 2016

visas default image Quebec- the major Canadian province mulls to welcome additional 10,000 immigrants per year. Upsurge in current immigration level will make it 60, 000 immigrants annually from 50,000 what it is right now. The Board of Trade of Montreal is planning to discuss the same with National Assembly Committee soon. Quebec is the 2nd largest province of Canada by population and one of the strongest economies in the maple leaf country.

Immigration Minster in support of gradual increase

Kathleen Weil the immigration Minister of Quebec is in favor of gradual upsurge of immigration and has announced earlier that the province will accept the 2500 extra immigrants per year by 2019. As per her, it will the government time to execute the recently launched reforms, which have the objective to update and restructure the process of immigration based on the labour market requirements of Quebec.

Board of Trade emphasizes on increasing immigration level

The president of the Board of Trade, Montreal, Michel Leblanc has emphasized on the need to increase the immigration level in view of aging population in the city. He stressed on the factor that immigration of highly skilled and talented workers is essential to encourage the investment and prosper the businesses and industries. As per him, if IT Sector to create hundreds of jobs in coming years, we must have the skilled workforce to fill those vacancies.

Key issues to be raised in National Assembly

The key issue that Board of trade plans to discuss in the National Assembly is declining population of Quebec as compared to other provinces of Canada. As of now Quebec accepts lesser immigrants, whereas it needs them in good numbers in view of its ageing population and skill shortage. The current immigration policy would lead to the declining of the sociopolitical status of Quebec, as an impactful province of the country.

Quebecs shares 16% of overall immigration in Canada, whereas it is a home to 23% of total Canadian population. Hence, the province should make efforts to balance this proportion by accepting extra immigrants annually.

Do you have plans to immigrate to Quebec?

Quebec is a wonderful province of Canada to immigrate to. It has powerful economy and fast growing industries that offer multiple job opportunities to the immigrants. And as the government mulls to invite more immigrants per year, this is a great opportunity for overseas skilled worker to plan their immigration to Quebec, Canada.

Apply in QSWP to move to Quebec, Canada

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is one of the most popular immigration programs of Canada that every year accepts thousands of application. It has accepted 10,000 applications in its recent intake launched on August 16, 2016. The intake was launched and closed same day within few hours due to the huge response received.

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