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Quebec Investor Program opened again to accept 1900 fresh applications for Canada Immigration

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 04, Jun 2016

visas default image The Quebec Investor Program (QIP) of the Canadian Province of Quebec has opened again on May 30, 2016 to accept 1900 fresh application for immigration to Quebec, Canada. The QIP is one of the most popular immigration programs of Canada that provides an opportunity to the foreign investors and businessmen to invest in Quebec, Canada and get the permanent residency in the province as well.

How Applications are allocated?

Out of total 1900 applications, about 1330 applications are likely to be accepted from the citizens of the People's Republic of China, together with the special administrative regions of Macao and Hong Kong. The rest 570 applications will be accepted from the rest of the world.

Who all are exempted from the cap of applications?

The candidates having minimum (advanced intermediate) level of proficiency in French Language, as per the standard test will be exempted from the cap. Moreover, there applications will be given priority processing.

What are the key dates of the program?

The applications under QIP program are being accepted from May 30, 2016 and will continue to be accepted till February 28, 2017. Hence, it’s time to gear up and prepare the file fast to apply in the QIP at earliest to enhance your chances of selection in the program.

What are the Key requirements of the Quebec Investor Program (QIP)?

Below are the key requirements to apply in Quebec Investor program:

  • Net worth: An applicant must have a minimum and legally obtained net worth of CAD$1.6 million alone or with spouse or common law partner (The net worth may include the assets, i.e. bank account, stocks, property, pension funds and shares, etc.
  • Management Experience: An applicant must have at least 2 years of Management experience (i.e. control, planning, and supervision of financial, physical, or human resources.) full time in the last 5 years before submitting application. The experience must be in relevant industry, i.e. commercial, industrial, and agricultural or in government or international organization at management level. Such company requires having at least two fulltime employees.
  • Investment Condition: Aspiring to invest a total of CAD$800,000 via a recognized financial intermediary (the investment can also be financed).
  • Other Criteria: Need to be in good health and of good character.
So, if you are ready to apply in the QIP, here is how you can get the crucial assistance and support for the same.

How to get vital assistance to apply in Quebec Investor Program (QIP)?

To get the complete assistance to apply in QIP, you may coordinate with the registered Canada immigration expert at Visas Avenue. The case manager that Visas Avenue will assign you shall take care of all the formalities you need to compete for applying in Quebec Investor program, i.e. applying in the program, filing visa, arranging documentation and certifications, filing of visa, and following up application with office.

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