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Quebec has Opened its Immigrant Investor Program to accept fresh Applications

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 03, Jun 2017

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The popular Canadian Province Quebec has launched one of Canadas most popular and different business immigration program, i.e. Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) on May 29, 2017. Its a well-admired immigration program of Canada that offers some key benefits to the selected applicants.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

The QIIP Invites the foreign investors from different parts of the world and provides them a chance to get Permanent Residency in Canada after doing an investment of CAD $800,000 (Risk free) assured or guaranteed by the Quebec government establishment.

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It offers number of advantages to the investor applying in this program compared to many other business immigration programs across Canada and the world. Lets take a look the key benefits of the QIIP, which makes it special compared to several other business immigration programs across the world.

Key Benefits of applying in Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)

Here are a few key benefits of applying in QIIP:
  • Permanent Residency in Canada: The candidates selected through Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, will get the direct permanent resident status on arriving in Canada, and there will not be any temporary work permit, etc. which often happens in certain business immigration programs.
  • No Compulsion to create certain jobs: Some top Business Immigration programs across the world (i.e. EB-5 of the US) ask the investors to create certain amount of jobs in their country within a particular period. However, there is no such condition with QIIP.
  • PR to Family Members: The family members of QIIP applicant (included in the application), also get the permanent residence status in Canada. And all the PR holders get the key social security benefits in Canada, i.e. free or subsidized healthcare and education, etc.
  • Road to Citizenship: The Canadian permanent residency status also opens the road to Canadian citizenship later on for the Investor applicants.

The QIIP will accept 1,900 applications

The QIIP will accept a total of 1,900 applications in its current application intake, which will continue till February 23, 2018. Out of total applications, 1,330 will be accepted from Peoples Republic of China.

Benefits to Investor Applicants with French Proficiency

The QIIP applicants, which have proficiency in French language, will be benefitted from priority processing of application. Moreover, the cap limit of QIIP is not applicable to the investors with French proficiency, and hence, they can apply at any point of time in QIIP.

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Key Requirements to apply in QIIP

  • Invest CAD $800,000 is via a permitted financial intermediary (broker or trust company).
  • Net worth minimum CAD $1,600,000 alone or with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner, acquired legally,
  • Require Management experience of at least two years in the past five years. The experience accepted at a commercial entity, international agency, or government agency.

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