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Potential Changes to Skilled Occupation List - Understand the Traffic Light Signals- Red, Orange, and Green

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 27, Dec 2019

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In view of the upcoming changes to the Skilled Occupation lists, Australia's Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, has released their Traffic Light Bulletin on possible changes to the skilled occupation lists for the skilled migration.Let's find out more about the proposed or indicative changes suggested through the traffic light colours.

Upcoming changes in the Skilled Occupation lists

The changes to the existing skilled occupation lists of Australia are scheduled to occur in March 2020. However, the changes indicated via traffic light signals at now are indicative only, i.e. proposed and not confirm at now. The changes includes the removal or down-grading of certain trades' occupations, and the inclusion of occupations related to personal and aged care. (Note:These changes will not be formalised until nearer to the release date in March 2020 and hence, there is no guarantee that any or all of the proposed amendments will take place.)

Guide to the Traffic Light Colours

Red RED Flagged for removal from the lists
Orange Flagged for movement between lists-direct on of movement is indicated in the Recommended Status column
Green Flagged for addition to the lists

Explanation of the Traffic light colours for skilled occupation lists

Find below the meaning and explanation of the traffic light colours used to indicate the proposed or potential changes to the Skilled Occupation List of Australia:

Red Occupations

The Red marked occupations can possibly be removed from all the existing occupation lists. Few of such marked occupations are the occupations of Hairdresser, Massage Therapist, and Community Worker, which have earlier been popular amongst migrants and in some demand in Australia. Also read- Visas Avenue Obtained High Number of Australian Visa Approvals Between April and June 2019

Orange Occupations

The occupations marked in orange are those that have been flagged to move between the following 3 occupations lists:

  • Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)
  • Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
  • Regional Occupation List (ROL)

Let's find out more about the movement of these occupations

  • Occupations presently flagged to be demoted from MLTSSL to the STSOL includes occupations, i.e. Automotive Electricians and Motorcycle Mechanics, Painting Trades Workers, and Wall and Floor Tilers.
  • Flagged to move from the ROL to the STSOL, are occupations, such as, Mechanical Engineering Drafts person and Real Estate Representative.
  • The occupations possibly moving from the STSOL to the MLTSSL are the occupations, i.e. Sales and Marketing Manager, ICT Project Manager, and Information and Organisation Professionals which includes the occupation 'Data Scientist'. This change would provide pathways to permanent residency for 482 visa applicants as well as the chance to apply for Subclass 189 visa. It is important to note that these occupations also come with a recommendation for salary caveats above a certain level.
  • The occupation of Geologist may move from the STSOL to the ROL, limiting applicants to living and working in regional Australia.
  • Also, the occupations of Procurement Manager and Ship's Master is likely to move from the ROL to the MLTSSL.

Green Occupations

A few personal support occupations have been flagged for the addition to the STSOL occupation list, after being out of all lists for a long time. The occupations likely to be added under this category are, Aged or Disabled Carer, Nursing Support Worker, and Personal Care Assistant. All mentioned 3 occupations come with the recommendation of a mandatory skill assessment.

Occupations recommended for Salary Caveats

Though the change in the current status of these occupations have not been proposed, however, the Department has recommended the employment of a minimum salary caveat of AU$65,000 per annum for the occupations, i.e. Bakers, Pastry Cooks, and Fitter and Turners. Also, Sports persons NEC would need a minimum salary of AU$120,000 per annum.

New and Emerging Occupations

The Department has also recognised a few new and emerging occupations, which presently don't fit into the ANZSCO system. These Occupations now been considered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to fit into the below meaning or descriptions:

Occupation not in ANZSCO ABS Determined Occupation Code
Blockchain Strategist 261111 ICT BUSINESS ANALYST
Blockchain Planner/Manager 135112 ICT PROJECT MANAGER
Irrigation Manager 121213 FRUIT OR NUT GROWER
Biosecurity Officer 311313 QUARANTINE OFFICER
Horticulture Farm Manager 121213 FRUIT OR NUT GROWER
Maintenance Electrician 341111 ELECTRICIAN (GENERAL)

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