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Immigration News

PGWP Holders Now Eligible to Apply for Canadian New Open Work Permit

  • Rajneesh Kumar
  • 5 August, 2022

IRCC had recently released new instructions for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) holders. As per the announcement, PGWP holders whose permits expires between 20th September 2021 and 31st December 2022 can now apply for a new open work permit or extend their existing permits.

This new special measure will impact PGWP holder in following ways:

  • IRCC will send an e-mail to confirm your mailing address and will issue the updated open work permit to your mailing address by mid-October, if:
    • Your PGWP expires between 2nd October and 31st December 2022
    • Your address is updated
    • Passport is valid up to April 2024 
  • IRCC will send an e-mail message to confirm your mailing address to send instructions to update your mailing address, if:
    • Your PGWP expires between 2nd October and 31st December 2022, but you haven't updated your address or passport validity.

Please note that in case your passport validity doesn’t allow an extension of 18 months, you'll get an initial e-mail and then a separate e-mail in September with instructions. 

  • You can apply for work permit extension online, if:
    • Your PGWP expires between 2nd October and 31st December 2022, but unable to update your address or passport validity. 
  • IRCC will not send updates to you if your admissibility information need further review. In this case you'll not qualify to apply for work permit, if:
    • You don't hear from IRCC by mid-September

Please note that may still apply online for your work permit extension.

  • You must apply only via online medium for your work permit from 2nd August 2022 and can also apply to renew temporary status (if in Canada) under the special measures, if:
  • Your PGWP expired or to expire from 20th September 2021, to 1st October 2022 

Please note, you can also qualify to apply even if you have already left Canada and can return after your approval.

Disclaimer: Visas Avenue does not offer consultancy on overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements, etc. We are primarily an immigration advisory company that offers consultation for worldwide immigration options.

- Rajneesh Kumar

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