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An Overview of Australian Immigration Rule Changes in 2016- Expectations are high from 2017 as well

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 22, Dec 2016

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The year 2016 saw some key changes in the immigration system and top visa categories of Australia, i.e. Work visa, Tourist Visa, Business Visa, etc. Though, the expectations from the New Year 2017 are also quite high. The government of Australia may implement further changes next year in order to make the immigration process quick and easy for the applicants. Apart from this, a few visa categories have also been updated in order to make them more professional and competent.

What were the key changes implemented in 2016

Here is the list of key immigration rule changes implemented during 2016.
  • Reformation of the temporary activity visa structure was done through some key steps, i.e. formation of a new consolidated sponsor category, elimination of certain sponsorship and nomination application needs, consolidation of a few visa subclasses, and allowing the online applications.
  • The period of stay of the 457 visa holder reduced to 60 days from 90 days, once the employment contract of the visa holder with the sponsoring employer has ended.
  • The number of individuals who can be eligible as a member of the family unit to make application for dependent visas got changed. It is done in order to make the children and stepchildren above 23 and family members outside of the nuclear family ineligible for this particular stream.
  • A few visa holders now require passing a revalidation check to ensure that their details information is up to date. This will also make certain that such visa holders still fulfill the parameters of their respective visas and to determine that they are by no means a threat to Australia.
  • Some key changes have been made to Australian working holiday visa as well. It ensures that young individuals, who work in north of Australia in a few specific industries, i.e. tourism and agriculture are eligible for a second year visa. However, a proof will be required as to where they have worked.

A few Small Changes in Certain Visa Subclasses in Australia

  • A few small changes made to some Australian visa streams. For instance, fee has been increased for a 400 short stay specialist visa. Apart from this, the period of travel to Australia under this visa is likely to be limited up to a maximum of 6 months.
  • Minimum English language proficiency for the 407 training must be provided by the sponsor, apart from the genuineness test and training. The flexibility for a third party to offer training has now been removed.
  • The temporary activity Visa Subclass 408, meant for entertainers, researchers, and staff exchange has been made easier. However, there will be a need of a support test instead of sponsorship for visas for up to 3 months, in case the applicant is outside Australia.

Year 2017 is also expected to be significant in terms of Immigration Rule changes

Its evident that year 2016 has been significant for Australia immigration in terms various immigration rule changes introduced and implemented. However, the coming year, i.e. 2017 is also expected to be vital in terms of crucial immigration changes. There might be changes to the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) for foreign workers in the second half of the next year. The federal government is waiting for the outcome of an assessment to be completed by the Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration to take further action in this regard. Immigration to Australia is also expected to remain positive as various industries and organizations need skilled professionals from IT, engineering, and other key domains.

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