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Opportunities Ontario Updates- Changes to supporting documents & program application processing w.e.f. June 25, 2015

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 26, Oct 2015

visas default image The Opportunities Ontario- Provincial Nominee Program (OOPNP) has announced the new updates to its application guide and forms. The earlier announced changes and a few new changes will be reflected in the application guides and the forms. The new changes in the forms and application guide will be effective from June 25, 2015 and updated application guides can be downloaded from the province website. However, no changes have been made to the eligibility criteria. How to prepare & submit applications before & after the Effective Date The applications prepared with the help of updated application guides and forms will be accepted on or after the effective date for new changes i.e. June 25, 2015. However, the applications prior to 25thJune can be submitted referring to the existing application guides. Note: You can download the updated application forms on June 25th, 2015 The revised web content along with the application guides will also be posted on June 25th, 2015. What are the changes in the Process & Documentation? The applicants are advised to carefully read and understand the various changes to be implanted in the application processing and documentation and also the clarifications about the Program criteria. Below are the key changes and clarifications about the program criteria: A. The details & clarifications regarding Program Criteria

  1. The declaration of intention to live and work in Ontario (Applicable to Masters & PhD Stream):The international students need to provide a declaration or statement regarding their intent, describing the reasons for settling in Ontario and also their ties in the province of Ontario. This may include:
  • Volunteer work in the province
  • Employment in Ontario
  • Lease Agreement for residence in Ontario or any Property ownership
  • Job Offers or jobs applied/interviewed in Ontario Province.
  • Family relations
  • Personal Relationship or the social connections
  • Professional networks or associations
  • Earlier visit to the province of Ontario
You may require to produce supporting documents (wherever applicable) in support of your statement.
  1. The current permanent and full time Employees must be the Canadian Citizenship or the permanent residents (Applicable to Employer Stream):
This particular point is basically applicable to the Employers, i.e. the employers must have a minimum existing fulltime, permanent employees for each position they want to fill. Also, these employees need to be Canadian Citizens or the permanent residents in Canada. The international students or foreign workers with work permits, including prospective nominee candidates are not eligible for this requirement.
  1. Travels to or outside the Province of Ontario:This point refer to providing a list of travels to and outside Ontario by the applicant. It is needed to verify the residency requirements as the outside Ontario travels may affect the applicants cumulative residency.
As per Section E, question 2b prospective nominees applying under International students-Master Graduates stream require producing all their list of travels to province of Ontario and outside Ontario too. B. Changes or updates to Application Process
  1. Case Specific Enquiries:As per this rule the case specific enquiries needs to be in written and also to be submitted to the OOPNP through e-mail id The OOPNP will reply to such enquiries only after the 90 days service standard has passed.
  1. Affidavits from a Commissioner are not needed any more for the Taking Affidavits:For the Taking Affidavits, the candidates are no longer required to acquire affidavit from a commissioner.
C. The Changes and Updates in Supporting Documents
  1. The Photo Requirements:The nominee candidates need to submit 2 photos each for applicant and each accompanying dependent. You may refer to the website of province for the photograph dimension details and specification needed.
  2. Letter of Employment from Current/previous employer:The Probable or prospective nominees applying as the foreign worker stream needs to submit the copies of the letter of employment from the current or previous employers). Such letter may not be applicable to the candidates applying under the international students with a job offer stream in case the employment has not yet begun.Refer the province website for the key details and descriptions about the format and content of the letter required.
  3. Translation of Supporting Documents for candidates applying within Ontario:
In case the supporting documents required the translation in French or English, such translation needs to be completed by a certified translator recognized by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO). Visit for further details. However, outside Ontario candidates can get their translation completed by any translator. The translation such done must be notarized. Moreover, OOPNP has the right to ask the candidate to submit translation by an ATIO Translator if the application assessing officer finds the given translation insufficient. The translations done by the candidate or his/her representative or other person with close ties with the applicant will not be accepted under any circumstances, despite the translator is certified.


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