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Canada Immigration- Ontario Need immigrants to meet the Rising Skill Gaps in the province

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 13, Apr 2016

visas default image In view of the rising skill shortage, Ontario – one of the major Canadian provinces, need the new skilled immigrants in good numbers. As per the latest report of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, there is an upsurge of 9 percent in the number of employers facing skill gaps, i.e. not finding the suitable individuals for a particular position. This in fact is costing the economy of the province with approximate decline of 24.3 billion in the overall GDP annually.

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The LMIA Approval among the key reasons for Rising Skill Gaps

One of the key findings of the report is that due to the positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) requirement, the employers in Ontario are finding it difficult to complete the immigration system formalities to hire the overseas skilled workers. The delay in view of LMIA requirement is causing the vacant positions in organizations for a long time, which in turn, results in a financial loss to the employers. The employers need to get the positive LMIA to ensure that no suitable worker was available in Canada to fill the open position.

Request to remove the LMIA need to facilitate the Immigrant Entry

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has requested the federal government to remove this LMIA condition, as several employers in the region look for the immigration alternate, only after searching enough the draining options at domestic front. And LMIA compulsion, only adds to their existing burden. It also means that they need to hire a highly paid lawyer to get through the immigration system and satisfy the LMIA requirement to get overseas skilled workers. It’s high time that Ontario get the access to the best talents in the world for its industries and organizations.

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