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Ontario Immigrant Nomine Program (OINP) Issues Warning to applicants Against Scam e-mails

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 22, Jul 2017

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Ontario Province of Canada has issued warning statement concerning the fraud emails or notifications being received by few people in the name of OINP authorities. The Ontario Immigrant Nomine Program (OINP) has warned people to not to believe or follow any of such fraud emails or calls. Let’s find out more about these fake emails.

Fraud Emails being received from forged OINP email account

Some people are receiving the emails, wherein forged Ontario certificate of Nomination is attached in the mail. The certificate includes Ontario logo, along with the details of 400 university Avenues in the city of Toronto. This e-mail says that Ontario nomination is allocated to you and subsequently, asks for the “Right of Permanent Residence Fee” (RPRF).

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However, as per OINP official statement, “You will never receive a confirmation letter or nomination certificate from the OINP if you have not applied to the program and do not have an application pending.”

Key Markers to Identify the Fraudulent mails/notifications, etc.

Below are the key markers to identify the fraudulent mails or notifications received:
  • The OINP will never e-mail any Certificate of Nomination to you.
  • The phone number and fax number on the certificate include a 708 area code. Such area code is not used in Ontario and has no connection to the OINP in any way.
  • The fake nomination certificate mentions the CIC Visa Office. However, the Federal Government of Canada has changed the name of the immigration department that deals with immigration. It is now officially called and referred as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • The applicants will never be asked to make a payment to the OINP through a wire transfer. Moreover, applicants will never be asked to pay a ‘Right of Permanent Residence Fee’.
  • As an OINP Applicants, you pay a one-time upfront administration fee to the OINP program, through an online system. Hence, you do not require paying any fees for nomination certificate, when and if it is granted.

No Canada Immigration Program sends e-mails or makes phone calls for fee payment

The applicants must note that no Canadian Immigration Program sends you emails or makes phone calls for the fee payment. This is the practice used by the scammers to deceive the applicants and seize money from them illegally. Hence, if you receive any such a call or email demanding money, please report this to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) right away at

In addition, applicants should not give any personal details, i.e. account numbers, mother’s maiden name, passwords or other identifying information in reply to such deceptive emails. You can also avoid such scammers, by applying for Canadian visa through ICCRC accredited Canada Immigration Consultant.

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