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OINP will no Longer Accept Written Requests for Reconsideration- Email is Mandatory

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 22, Mar 2017

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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)- The popular immigration program of Ontario, Canada will not accept any written request for the reconsider of a rejected application. The OINP provides a chance to all the applicants to demand a reconsideration of the rejection decision on their applications.

OINP Reconsideration Process

The OINP has a proper reconsideration process to review the applications on requests from those candidates, who feel that any error has occurred in the assessment of their candidature or application.

However, with effect from March 10, 2017 Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) will not accept any written requests submitted via post or mail. The candidates seeking review of their individual applications will have to send the reconsideration request via email to OINP email id- However, all reconsideration requests must be sent to the mentioned e-mail id, within 30 days of the refusal letter received.

A few key points to Remember while sending Reconsideration e-mail

In the reconsideration request mail, a candidate must clarify as to what error he/she believe is made in the assessment of a refused application. Moreover, the error mentioned or spotted must be connected to the reason of refusal received on a particular application.

Deadline is approaching fast for candidates registered in OINP e-Filing Portal under HCP stream

The request for review or reconsideration sent must be evaluate the eligibility of an applicant at the time of application submitted. The reconsideration or reassessment by the OINP will not be done based on the circumstances changed after the submission of application.

Moreover, any new information or document which was not submitted at the time of earlier assessment will not be considered in the reconsideration. In any such case, the candidate will require submitting a new application to the OINP program.

Requests received by mail till March 10, 2017 will only be accepted

The mail or written requests for reconsideration received by March 10, 2017 will only be considered and will get returned by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). The request received after that will not be considered. All reconsideration request effective March 10, 2017 will be accepted via e-mail only.

OINP Streams Open at now

At now the Human Capital Priorities (Express Entry) stream and French-Speaking Skilled Worker (Express Entry) stream is open for new applications. However, the other two streams, i.e. International Student (PhD Graduate) and International Student (Masters Graduate) opened in the month of February 2017, have now been paused for now as the application intake limit for both these streams is capped.

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Looking to apply in HCP or French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream?

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