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OINP International Masters & PhD Graduate Streams are Open- Masters Graduate stream Capped soon after Opening

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 02, May 2017

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The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) announced to open its International Masters and PhD Graduate Streams on May 1, 2017. However, just after few hours, the OINP declared that International Masters Graduate Stream has reached its cap limit for the ongoing application intake. Let’s find more about this recently open application intake of OINP.

Opening of International Masters & PhD Graduate Streams

Ontario announced to open its key OINP streams, i.e.  International Masters & PhD Graduate Stream on May 1, 2017. However, at now only PhD Graduate Stream is available for the applicants, as the Masters graduate stream has reached to its registration intake limit on the same day. This indicates the incredible demand for this key stream among the international graduates.

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At now no further applications can be accepted for International Masters Graduates Stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. As per the OINP, it is exploring its total quota of nominations for this stream to check any possibility of this stream opening again this year. The other streams of OINP are also likely to open in months to come.

The program will accordingly intimate the candidates if it plans to open it again. You may visit the News Section on Visas Avenue website on a regular basis to confirm the latest update about the opening of International Masters Graduates Stream or other key streams of OINP. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program also issued instructions to ensure the smooth online application submitting experience for the applicants.

Instructions for Submitting Online Application

Ontario has made some key changes in the e-filing system to ensure better user experience for the applicants of OINP, while submitting their application online. However, since OINP is a popular program and thousands of candidates apply for its key streams, the applicants may experience a few delays in accessing the system due to huge traffic.

To get the best user experience on the e-filing system, a candidate
  • Must not open several tabs at a time or refresh the page while accessing the OINP e-filing system.
  • Require accessing the OINP e-filing system through website Accessing the e-filing system directly through Ontario government’s ONe-key system may result in delays and errors.

Note: When an applicant enters in e-filing system, he/she finds entry in a queue, however if the candidate refreshes the page or click on a link that takes the applicant to another page, applicant may lose his/her place in the queue. So, all applicants are advised to stay in the queue till the time system gets ready to continue.

Need Assistance to apply in any of the Key Streams of OINP?

If you seek assistance to apply in any of the International Masters and PhD Graduate Streams or Skilled Workers Stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), you may get in touch with the certified and registered Canadian visa and immigration experts by sending an email at


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