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Nova Scotia to receive 300 more Nominations for its Immigrant Nominee Program

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 19, Mar 2016

visas default image The federal government of Canada has finally decided to provide 300 additional nominations to one of its key province Nova Scotia. This allotment has been done in view of consistent requests and lobbying in government by the province of Nova Scotia. This seems quite reasonable decision to especially when we look at the outstanding immigrant retention rate of the province. This announcement has probably come as the reward for an excellent immigrant retention rate of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Retained the Bump of extra 300 nominations

The province got the bump of 300 in its total nomination quota of 1050 in September, 2015. However, the federal Immigration Minister John McCallum, later on, confirmed that the additional nominations won’t be applicable in the year 2016. However, the final negotiations that took place just two days back reinstated the bump of additional nominations. So, now it’s official that the Nova Scotia will be allowed to welcome a total of 1350 new immigrants in the province in the year 2016.

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Speaking on CBC Radio, Federal Immigration Minister John McCallum said, “Nova Scotia, because of its aging population, is desperate for immigrants, so I get it." He further added, "So what we are hoping to do in the time between now and the fall is to hold these discussions, for me to be able to generate large numbers of immigrants overall and for me to be able to agree to Nova Scotia to receive significantly more. But we're not there yet, we're in the early stages."

Nova Scotia Plans to further increase its Nomination Quota in future

The consistent efforts of Nova Scotia, i.e. lobbying the federal government for the bump in a number of nominations have really worked for them, especially, when we look at the previously allowed nomination quota of 700, which was applicable two years back. It’s now has been raised to 1350 at now.

Although, the province has plans to increase it further up to 5000, more like the other provinces in the country, i.e. Manitoba, etc.

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The Individuals planning to settle in Canada must Consider Nova Scotia on priority list

If you are willing to come and get settled in Canada, you must consider immigrating to Nova Scotia- one of the major provinces of Canada. The Nova Scotia is an incredible Canadian province that offers perfect settings for the new immigrants to get integrated into the community. It also offers various immigrant services, i.e. job search, language assistance, etc. to the newcomers, so that they can settle fast in the province. This is the reason that Nova Scotia also has very high immigrant retention rate.

How to apply for Nova Scotia Immigration?

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