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Next Express Entry Draw- What is the prediction about CRS Score Requirement?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 09, Apr 2019

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Express Entry has invited staggering number of candidates, i.e. 24,550 this year till the last express entry draw held on April 03, 2019.This is the reason that the Canadian permanent residency applicants registered in express entry are excited about their chance in the forthcoming EE draws. Moreover, the declining pattern of the cut off marks is also keeping the hopes of the applicants high.

However, having said that the CRS score requirement in upcoming express entry draw will decide the fate of the applicant, i.e. whether or not he/she will get the invite in the same draw. So, what are the predictions for next EE draw?

Next Express Entry Draw predictions

If Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) follows fortnightly trend of Express Entry draws, the next draw will open in 3rd week of April 2019, i.e. possibly between 15th and 20th of this month. The IRCC has been following the 15 day draw trend, so at now, the above speculation about the draw date seems quite likely. Number of Invitations in 2019 Till April      

Number of Invitations in the next draw

The other trend that the ICCRC has been following diligently for last five draws is the number of invites, i.e. 3,350.This trend started this year in 30th January draw, and since then, the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada is inviting the same number of candidates in every draw. In last draw opened on 3rd April 2019 the IRCC invited same number of express entry candidates too, i.e. 3,350 to apply for Canadian PR. If the IRCC remain consistent with the same number of invites in future as well, we are in for a new express entry record for sure.

Will CRS Score requirement drop in upcoming draw?

Well, this is the question for which, every applicant wants an answer. The IRCC announce the cut off or CRS score requirement for every draw of the EE System. Every fall or reduction in the cut off score, pleases the applicants as it makes Canada PR pathway for many once they get the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residency in Canada.

For last couple of draws, IRCC has been dropping the CRS score requirement by marginal points. Even if the margin is small, however, declining pattern always bring good news for the applicants waiting for ITA since long. Also, express entry latest pool status suggest the dropping of the CRS requirement too. In the EE pool as of March 29, 2019, 34,249 candidates had the CRS score between 401 and 450.

Call expert to know how to get Canada PR invitation this year?

Not everyone who register the profile on express entry get the invitation to apply for Canada PR. However, as an applicant, you need to know the pathways to get the same. Enhancing the point score, applying in provincial nominee programs, are few of the steps, which can enhance your score and help you get Canada PR invitation I quick time.

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