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New Zealand Government is Extending the Visitor Visa

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 10, Sep 2020

New Zealand Government is Extending the Visitor Visa The Government of New Zealand is making key changes to its visitor visa system to help temporary immigrants and visitors to stay legally in New Zealand, until they arrange to leave NZ. The Government has announced to extend present onshore visitor visas, which are going to expire between 4 September and the end of October 2020. It is extending such visas by five months.

NZ Visitor Visa Extension

The Immigration NZ is extending some Visitor Visas. However, certain visitor visa categories will not be extended. The visa categories, which wont be extended are critical purpose visa holders, guardians of students, and partners or dependants connected/associated to a work visa holder, whose visa was extended earlier. The government will contact all such visa holders, who are eligible for the extension by mid-September.

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New COVID-19 short-term visitor visa

The NZ government is also introducing a new 2-month COVID-19 short-term visitor visa to provide more time to temporary immigrants stranded in New Zealand to arrange for their travel back home. However, employment will not be permitted on this visa.

The COVID-19 short-term visitor visa has been introduced to help individuals reaching towards the end of their current visitor, work, student or partnership visa. Such people may not meet the parameters for another visa; however, require time to arrange travel back home.

The people can apply for the COVID-19 short-term visitor visa with effect from mid-September. They also require paying the fee when applying. The government by mid-September will reveal more details regarding the visa.

Here are few instructions regarding the same.

Candidates needs to show they:
  • hold a valid passport
  • are of good character
  • have a genuine reason for remaining in New Zealand
  • cannot leave New Zealand now but will leave at the end of their stay.
Temporary immigrants do not need to show they have:
  • enough funds to support their stay in New Zealand
  • existing onward travel arrangements
  • good health
  • met any time-limits for how long they are able to stay in New Zealand on a visitor visa.
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