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New Population Plan of Australia- Nearly half of the Permanent immigrants to spend few years in regional parts

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 13, Oct 2018

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As per the recent statement from Australia's population minister Alan Tudge, nearly 45 percent of new permanent residents to Australia may get averted to visa categories, would ask them to stay in regional Australia, at least for few initial years.

Australian government has introduced many changes in the immigration requirements and eligibility criteria to make the Australia immigration more relevant and specific.

Almost fifty percent of new permanent residents likely to spend few years in Regional Australia

Scott Morison has recent took oath as the new PM of Australia. The Morison administration has confirmed to implement a few key visa reforms in months to come. As per the government, a major portion of Australia's annual immigration intake (i.e. 1, 90,000) of skilled permanent residents likely to spend at least few initial years in regional parts of the Oz, before they actually decide to move to big cities, i.e. Melbourne or Sydney.

The idea is to balance the population growth across states and territories of Australia. Regional settlement plan at one hand will help control the population growth and congestion in the big cities, on the other hand, it will play a vital role in meeting the skill and labour shortage in the regional parts of the country.

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Minister for Population, Alan Tudge, Revealed the plan

Alan Tudge- the newly appointed minister for population and cities has announced the plan for regional migration in his yesterday speech. At now, the current regional visas divert only 5,000 of the total annual intake of Australia PRs (i.e. 1, 90,000). However, the new plan would force almost fifty percent of the new skill migrants to move to regional parts of the country.

No impact on the Employer or Family sponsored immigrants

Alan Tudge further confirmed that the new scheme will not affect the employer sponsored immigrants (about 25 percent of the annual intake) or the ones, who land in Australia through family reunion visas (nearly 30 percent).

However, nearly 45 percent of the total immigrants are not associated or bound with any particular location in Australia and hence, they are likely to be forced to regional areas of land down under for at least few initial years. As of now the plan is focused on skilled migrants, however, the government mulls to extend this scheme for humanitarian refugee to Australia as well. However, the minister didn't mention any punishment for the defaulters, i.e. the migrants who violate this visa condition. The more details with regards to the visa conditions may get revealed soon.

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