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The New Immigration Policy of Quebec is Focused on attracting & retaining the talented Immigrants in the Province

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 09, Mar 2016

visas default image The Immigration Minister of the Quebec province of Canada, Kathleen Weil has announced that the new immigration policy of Quebec will be focused on luring and retaining the talented migrants in the province. As per her, The existing policy has not been amended or renewed for years now and hence, the new policy will focus on the certain key aspects, which holding the province back in terms of inviting and retaining quality migrants in the province. It will work on the below key aspects of immigration to Quebec.

Focus on highly-trained immigrants
The new policy will focus on the people, who are well trained in different high-demand occupations in the province and will try to facilitate their immigration as well. Weil said that the government and employers both have to take steps to help high trained immigrants to get their skills and qualification assessed and recognized.

A Need for faster Immigration System
Weil also stressed on making the existing immigration system faster. As per her, the existing system takes about up to 4 years for an individual to immigrate to the province of Quebec and in the meantime, the demand and scenarios of Labour market here gets changed completely. Hence, the existing process will now be changed by employing the digital technology in the system of immigration. The businesses will also get support from the province for hiring the immigrants.

Retaining the Talent in Quebec
The Quebec Immigration Minster emphasized on the need of not losing the best talent to other countries, i.e. especially, the countries from Europe and America. Addressing a news conference Kathleen Weil said, "People have a lot of choices right now," She further added, "Many European countries and the U.S. are interesting [places] to potential immigrants and we want to do as well, or better, than our competitors."

The temporary workers are also the key part of Quebec society and economy. As per Weil, the retention rate of temporary workers in the province is close to 20-30 percent; however, it’s far too less, especially, when we look at the countries like New Zealand that has this rate close to 90 percent.

The immigrants from diverse countries have played a significant role in the economy of Quebec over the years. Hence, the economic plan of year 2015-16 has allocated $42.5 million for the next five years to support the immigrants and culturally diversified minorities, so that they can contribute more to the economy and development of the province.

The new policy will include a 5-year action plan for immigration, i.e. from 2016 to 2021.

Retain Overseas Students
The Quebec immigration minister also stressed on the need of retaining the foreign students in the province. She said, "Everyone is after them. We are the second largest University City in North America. These people are well-integrated, they have a degree, and they bring incredible diversity."

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