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New Changes to Express Entry CRS System are now Applicable

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 08, Jun 2017

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The Express Entry system is once again going under some crucial changes. The changes, which were announced couple of months back, are not going to take effect from June 6, 2017. These changes will be in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of Express Entry. Express Entry system is the popular pathway to get permanent residency in Canada. Every year a vast number of aspirants of Canadian PR apply in federal express entry system. Most of the selected candidates in express entry move to Canada in less than a year.

Overview of key Changing taking effect from June 6, 2017

This time around, points for no profile factor of the express entry candidates will be deducted; rather, the applicants will get the extra CRS points if they fall under certain category. Let’s take a look at these new changes in federal express entry system.

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  • Points for Sibling in Canada

The express entry applicants, who have a sibling in Canada, can obtain extra points as per revised CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). These points can also be claimed, if the spouse of the applicant has a sibling in Canada. However, the sibling in Canada must be a permanent resident or Citizen of Canada and needs to be 18 years or above. Total 15 points can be obtained for having a sibling in Canada. Additional points will remain 15 only whether you have one or more sibling in Canada. The government believes that people with siblings in Canada have better chances of integrating faster in the Canadian society and conditions.

  • Points for French Language Skills

The Candidates with proficiency in French language will also get additional CRS points as per the new changes. Hence, if you speak well as an express entry applicant, you can claim extra CRS points for your French ability. The applicants with French proficiency can obtain either 15 or 30 CRS points. For instance, 15 extra CRS points will be allocated to candidates who poses adequate intermediate (CLB, 7) or better French language proficiency, and English proficiency of CLB 4 or lower. Moreover, candidates who poses intermediate or better French language proficiency, and who also poses English language proficiency of CLB 5 or above, can acquire 30 extra CRS points.

  • Job Bank Account Will be Voluntary

This change doesn’t belong to CRS points system, but to the Express Entry profile of a candidate. The Job Bank account registration will not be compulsory now onwards for the applicants not having Canadian job offer or provincial nomination. However, they can voluntarily choose to create the Job bank account to explore the available job opportunities in the Job bank.

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Best Time to Apply for Canada PR

Among all the immigration changes and decreasing qualifying marks in express entry system, it is the best time to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. At now, you stand best chance of obtaining the ITA (Invitation to apply) for Canadian Permanent Residency as the CRS score requirement from IRCC is low (i.e. 413 mark).

If you wish to confirm your eligibility and seek assistance to apply for Canada PR, you can fill the free assessment form. Alternatively, you can e-mail your queries and details to e-mail id-


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