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Most Number of Indians got Australian Citizenship in Last 5 years

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 07, Jan 2019

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If you are wondering which all are top source countries for the number of citizenships in Australia, you may not get surprise to see India in right on top of the list. There is long history of immigration to Australia from India and it is still continuing in the 21st century. In last five year, India has emerged as the top source of submitting the Australian citizenship applications as well as for the grants against the same.

India leads the tally of top source countries

India is top on the list of top source countries leaving even the UK behind. In last five years, more than 118,000 people from Indian origins wearing loyalty to Australia and become citizens of Australia, since 2013-14. Moreover, the applicants from Indian origin are also on top of the list for obtaining the maximum approvals for permanent residency visa in Australia.

Country wise breakup of the top source countries

Out of the total 54,119 applications approved for the Citizenship till February 28, 2018, Indian migrants got mostly out of them approved, i.e. 10,168 followed by UK, South Africa, Philippines and Australia, etc.

List of Top Source Countries

S.No. Top source Countries Approved Citizenship Application
1 India 10,168
2 United Kingdom 9,195
3 South Africa 2,617
4 Philippines. 2,399
5 Australia 1,996
6 Sri Lanka 1,962
7 Republic of Ireland 1,731
8 Peoples Republic 1,559
9 South Korea 1,200
10 Malaysia 1,193
Other countries 20,399

As you see the table above India clearly leads the tally with over 10k citizenship applications approved with UK closing in. Moreover, in 2016-17, more than 22,000 applicants from Indian origin took oath for the loyalty to Australia, whereas total 19,617 applicants from United became citizens of Australia.

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The migrants with their roots in India have been at the top of the citizenship tree since year 2013-14 when 26,040 applicants from India were granted citizenship in the Oz. Migrants from UK origin, have been at the 2nd position, just below India in the list.

Permanent Residency is the first step towards citizenship

If you are willing to get the Australian Citizenship in years to come, the first step it to apply for and obtain the permanent residency in Australia. After spending few initial years in Australia as permanent resident, you become eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.

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