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Microsoft and Amazon may shift few skilled employees to Canada in view of US immigration ban

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 02, Feb 2017

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The chaos after US President Donald Trump’s immigration order is not looking to settle down any time soon. The top Multinational Companies in US, i.e. Amazon and Microsoft are planning to shift a few of their skilled workers to their offices in other countries. These employees were hired before the Trump’s immigration ban and they ironically belong to those Muslim countries, the travelers from which are now banned in America.

Amazon and Microsoft to shift their employees outside US

At now, tens of thousands of employees are working in the USA under H-1B Visa program. The H-1B Visa program allows the skilled workers at gradual level to live and work in the USA. About 5,000 skilled workers are employed in Microsoft alone under this program. Now all such employees have become uncertain about their status in the US.

Amazon too had hired Iranian- born skilled employees in USA, before Trump’s immigration ban, now it is planning to shift these employees to other countries in view of tentative immigration environment in the US. Similarly, thousands of employees are also employed in US on H-1B visa in tech companies in Seattle and elsewhere.

The US government is planning to amend this visa program in future, which may further raise the uncertainty among the US tech companies. This is the reason that most of the tech organizations in Seattle region are considering to relocate to British Columbia, Vancouver and other such regions in Canada.

Proximity and similarity to Seattle

The Vancouver office of Microsoft has a limited space to accommodate employees (i.e. about 750 workers). The Amazon office too can provide accommodation to about 1000 employees. Though, Vancouver may be a place to shift in view of its proximity and similarity to Seattle, however, relocation needs to be done considering accommodation and all other relevant factors.

Presently, Amazon has appointed 7 candidates, who are born in Iran, and at now are citizens of other countries, i.e. Australia, Germany, and Canada. Hence, the organization is now considering the alternatives, including placing the employees to outside US.

Canada is ready to take in the overseas talent

The tech community as well as federal government of Canada is eager to welcome the overseas talent, especially the tech workers in their country. And Vancouver is also a place to be considered for relocation, in view of its technology setup and environment. As per reports, 150 members of Canadian tech community have signed a letter to the government requesting to allow immigrants in the country affected by the latest immigration ban by America.

If you are also one of the US immigration aspirants, Canada is the perfect country for you to consider for immigration under present circumstance. It is also wise to plan Canada immigration in 2017 in view of eased immigration procedures by the government for immigrants. All you need to do is coordinate with a trusted Canada immigration consultant and get your file and documents ready to apply in a relevant Canadian immigration program.


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