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Maritime Provinces of Canada are inviting huge number of Immigrants through PNPs

Posted - 18, May 2019

The Maritime Provinces of Canada have registered great population upsurge in last few years. The PNPs of these Maritime Provinces, such as, Nova Scotia Nominee Program, Prince Edward Island PNP, and New Brunswick have been key source of immigration to the Atlantic region. The data in regard has been revealed by the latest report from Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. New found land and Labrador is the only Atlantic province, not included in the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

Population Upsurge in Maritime Provinces

Below three Atlantic Provinces are together known as the Maritime Provinces of Canada:
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • New Brunswick
In last few years, these provinces have made hard out effort to lure, invite and retain the foreign skilled workers in the region. Immigration is considered as the main factor to cater to the issue of these provinces, such as, reducing workforce, migration to outside provinces, low population growth, etc.
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Immigration to deal with provincial issues

Immigration to Canadian provinces in Maritime region, being emphasized in wake of the number of people left the region in the recent past in search of better employment options in other provinces of the maple leaf country. As per the APEC report, immigration is being used as the key tool to enhance the population growth in the Maritime Provinces, which has not been visible since decades.
  • As per APEC, the province of Prince Edward Island, has recorded a population growth 2% year-over-year since 2016.
  • The province of Nova scotia has recorded average growth rate of 0.80% in the same period
  • New Brunswick registered an average growth of 0.5% highest in last 3 decades
On the contrary Newfoundland and Labrador was the only province excluding

PNPs play a vital role in Immigration to Canada

The Provincial Nominee Programs of Canada are the separate immigration programs of the Canadian provinces, which operate in coordination with the federal government of Canada or IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada). These PNPs every year receive annual quota from the federal government to nominate certain number of people for Canada PR visa every year. The PNPs of Maritime provinces have played a key role over the years to help attract a vast number of foreign skilled workers to Atlantic region.

Hence, if you are looking to apply for Canada permanent residency since long, applying in a relevant PNP can help your cause of moving to Canada even with the low point score. Nomination received through a PNP makes you eligible to get 600 additional CRS (comprehensive Ranking System) points in express entry.

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