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Manitoba is likely to Accept over 168,000 immigrants to fill the equal number of openings from 2018-2024

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 23, Nov 2018

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Canada is one among those advanced nation, which are preferring to invite huge number of skilled professionals to meet the ongoing labour shortage across its different provinces and territories. Manitoba is one among the premier provinces of Canada which desperately need the skilled workers to fulfil the labour market demand across the province. This is the reason that the province is going to invite huge number of immigrant workers in the span of next six year.

Labour Demand of Manitoba forcing the province to invite 168,400 immigrants

As per the recent reports, there will be168,700 openings across the province between 2018 and 2024. And to meet the rising demand of the skilled workforce, it is likely to invite the similar number of skilled immigrants, i.e. 168,400 over the period of next 7 years. The immigrants coming to the province over the period of next few years are expected to play a vital role in the economy and development of the province of Manitoba.

Over 5,000 on an average will be the immigrants, who will join the workforce of the Manitoba out of the annual new joiners every year from now on and a majority of them will be newcomers from overseas.

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Labour market has been receiving immigrants in the past as well

There has been significant addition to the work force of the province in last few years, especially in 2016. Immigration to the province has been a key factor in this considerable rise in the work force and it will continue be the telling factor in the years to come. The province was able to sustain the population growth with being among the provinces with lowest unemployment rate.

New skilled workforce to replace ageing workforce mainly

About 66% of the newly invited skilled workers likely to replace the ageing workforce of the province of Manitoba. The rest will be in place due to residing demand of skilled professionals and workers due to economic growth and development of the province.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has been the key source of immigration to Canada since 1998. And right from its induction, it has allowed more than 100,000 people to the applicants and over 90 percent of those people got the employment in the 1st year.

High demand occupations

Manitoba will focus on the skilled immigrants and international studentsthrough MPNP immigrations. The occupations related to sales and service will likely to have lion share of opening (close to 20 percent) in next few years. TheBusiness, finance and Administration jobs shall follow the same with close to 15 percent share.

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