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Saskatchewan Issued 381 Invitations in the latest SINP draw opened on 24th July 2019

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 25, Jul 2019

visas default image Saskatchewan - the prominent Canadian province has launched the 9th EOI based draw of SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) on July 24, 2019. The draw invited total 381 candidates under two key subcategories of SINP, i.e. Express Entry subcategory and Occupation in Demand (OID) Subcategory. Let's find out more details about the latest SINP draw.

SINP draw opened on July 24, 2019

After the latest 24th July draw, the province of Saskatchewan has now invited total 2,840 candidates in 9 different SINP draws this years. In the current draw, Saskatchewan issued 277 invitations for OID category candidates with minimum point score requirement being 74 points. Also, 104 candidates received the invite under Express entry subcategory of this Saskatchewan PNP with the same minimum point's requirement, i.e. 74 points.

EOI based Draws of SINP in 2019

Date of Invitations to Apply Category Score of Lowest Ranked Candidate to Apply Total Candidates Invited to Apply
January 16, 2019 Express Entry 63 362
January 16, 2019 Occupations In-Demand 66 234
February 27, 2019 Express Entry 68 83
March 6, 2019 Occupations In-Demand 81 68
March 6, 2019 Express Entry 67 70
April 17, 2019 Occupations In-Demand 60 210
April 17, 2019 Express Entry 60 114
May 1, 2019 Occupations In-Demand 67 121
May 1, 2019 Express Entry 67 81
May 22, 2019 Occupations In-Demand 82 221
May 22, 2019 Express Entry 82 104
June 6, 2019 Occupations In-Demand 75 342
June 6, 2019 Express Entry 75 84
June 20, 2019 Occupations In-Demand 68 211
June 20, 2019 Express Entry 68 268
July 24, 2019 Occupations In-Demand 74 277
July 24, 2019 Express Entry 74 104
Total 2840
The candidates, who have received invitation to apply in the current SINP draw, needs to pay the updated SINP application fee and submit complete application for provincial nomination in the system. SINP has revised the application fees Last week, Saskatchewan government has announced two important updates with regards to Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) application processing. Find below the same.
  • SINP Application fees to be revised from July 22, 2019
Saskatchewan province of Canada has revised the application fee for its popular PNP, i.e. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). With effect from July 22, 2019, SINP application processing fee is $350.
  • Proof of Settlement funds will be revised from 1st October 2019
Saskatchewan government has also announced to revise the existing proof of settlement funds requirement from October 1, 2019, as per the latest settlement funds requirement from IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).
Also read-SINP is revising the application processing fee from July 22, 2019- Soon updating Proof of Settlement funds
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