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Latest Press Release from IRCC confirms forthcoming changes to Express Entry Immigration System of Canada

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 15, Nov 2016

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The federal government in Canada is taking key steps to lure highly skilled immigrants to Canada, in order to improve the growth and economy of the country and strengthen the society. The recent announcement with regards to key amendments in the popular express entry system of Canada was one of the key measures the government has planned to improve the immigration system.

IRCC Issued a Press Release confirming the forthcoming changes to express Entry System

Latest Press Release from IRCC has confirmed the key changes in express entry system which will take effect from November 19, 2016. These changes in the popular EE System will ensure more receptive immigration system to address the rising needs and guarantee the long term economic progress of middle class.

Here are the key upcoming express entry improvements:
  • Allocating points for job offers to eligible applicants already in Canada on LMIA exempt work permits
  • Allocating points to international students who accomplished their studies in Canada.
  • Additional time will be allocated to the applicants for submitting an application for permanent residence once an ITA (invitation to apply) is received.

Express Entry improvements are focused on multiple objectives

As per IRCC, such positive amendments to express entry system shall contribute to the economic development of Canada, support the Global Skills Strategy, and assist Canadian employers in meeting the labour market demands and drive modernization that will result in new businesses.

The express entry allows those highly skilled immigrants in Canada through its point based immigration system, who quickly make contribution to the economy of the country and strengthen Canadas competitiveness in the global market.

In the words of Canadian Immigration Minister John McCallum, We have committed to doing more to attract highly skilled immigrants to come to Canada and become permanent residents, because this is important to build our economy and strengthen our society. I am confident that the changes to express Entry will be one of the many positive outcomes of the changes we will be bringing to our immigration system.

Hence, the announced changes in the express entry is just one of the series of step, the government or IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) are planning to implement in future to enhance the growth, productivity, and economy of the country at large level.

Its right time to immigrate to Canada, in view of positive immigration rule change for immigrants

If you are planning to immigrate to and settle in Canada since long, this is the time to convert your plans in to action and begin your immigration process.

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