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Latest Canada Immigration Updates Shared by the Immigration Minister, amid Covid-19 Pandemic

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 06, May 2020

visas default image The Immigration Minister of Canada, Marco Mendocino has revealed some key details about Canadian immigration, as Canada battles against the Covid-19 pandemic. Participating in a Question and Answer Session, the Immigration Minister spoke about the impact of Covid-19 on Canada immigration, steps being taken by the government with regards to immigration/visa process and the immigration policy of the government in larger prospective.

Canada is Positive about Immigration, despite the Covid-19 situation

Answering a question, Marco Mendicino said, that as a result of positive response to the pandemic, the government is able to bend down the curve of the virus outbreak. The physical and social distancing played a key role in bringing the new cases down. Moreover, the government has also released a relief package for the individuals, families and businesses, impacted by the pandemic.

While the government is making efforts towards the faster economic recovery, it considers Immigration as a key factor for the same.
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Immigration is Key in view of Ageing Population and reducing work force

As per Mr. Mendicino, "the long term trends says that more people are retiring and hence, the workforce is shrinking rapidly, which makes immigration a key driver for the economy. Hence, the immigration will remain intact and same as it has been over the last few years. The outbreak of Covid-19 has impacted the normal operation of the businesses and hence, it's time for us to evolve, innovate and look out for the best and brightest from across the globe."

By and large, the fundamental objective of Canada will remain the same, which is to grow the economy of the country through immigration. He further added, if you look at the history, it's not the first time Canada has faced pandemic or economic challenges. However, Canada has remained unaffected and continued to grow and there has always been a long standing trend of immigration to Canada and this is the lesson we need to learn and carry forward.

Impact of Covid-19

Discussing the impact of Covid-19 on immigration, Mr. Mendicino said, the key impact has been that we were not able to work from the offices as usual, however, to combat this challenges we have ensured that we make certain that we get the access to digital technology and hence, making improvement in terms of speeding up the visa processing, etc.

Family Reunification

The immigration minister praised the work done by the government to reunite the families and claimed that no other country has done the amount of work that we have done to reunite the families. He confirms that despite Covid-19 being a destructive force, we will remain committed to the family reunification, including the Parents and Grandparents program. He further assured that there won't be any disqualification based on income, if it is caused by the Covid-19 primarily, while sponsoring your family member to Canada.

Temporary Foreign Workers

Regarding the TFWP program the minister said that we are doing continuous work to streamline the same and offer more flexibility and eliminating the roadblocks in terms of the Work permits, etc. While, the government faces challenges in the immigration intake in this category, considering the situation in the source countries, on the other hand, the impact on the demand in certain product is something which is beyond the control of IRCC, the minister said.

Regarding Intake of International Students The minister thanked the key stake holder for providing valuable feedback and mentioned recent Post-Graduation Work Permit reform announced by the government which will allow the international students who are taking up the online courses to remain eligible for the PGWP.

Also, the IRCC is in touch with the relevant authorities and stake holders to find out how it can help the international students, who will be registering for Canadian designated learning institutions in the upcoming September intake, i.e. the time, when most foreign students start their study programs in Canada.

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