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The Latest ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Occupation List is launched Effective February 2016

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 23, Feb 2016

visas default image The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) is launched effective February, 2016. The ACT Occupation List basically lists the occupations, which are presently in demand in the Canberra- the Australian Capital. The ACT list parimarily establishes the eligibility for the below programs of ACT support, i.e.

  1. Skilled Migration
  2. Employer Nomination
Skilled Migration Application
ACT list of occupations decides as to which all occupations are available for nomination in the capital territory. The list primarily reflects the two categories of occupations based on their demand status, i.e.

Open Occupations: These are the occupations available for nominations. You can apply for these occupations if you meet the nomination parameters. However, an occupation can be immediately closed without any advanced intimation, if the demand for that particular occupation is met.

Closed Occupations: these are the occupations, for which the demand is already met, however, you can still apply for these occupations provided you have a job offer/family ties in the capital and you also fulfill the nomination criteria.

The ACT List will be Assessed and Updated Regularly
The ACT List will be assessed and updated on a regular basis based on the current status of the demand of the listed occupations. The next assessment of occupations in this regard will be done in August, 2016

Employment based on ACT List
Well, you must understand that the ACT List only signifies the demand of a particular occupation in the capital, however, it is no way associated with any job vacancy, and hence, it doesn’t guarantee any job. Getting the employment in the in demand occupation shall thoroughly depend on your skills, experience, employer need, and Language Proficiency.

Employer Sponsored Nomination
The employers looking to nominate the skilled workers via the Direct Entry Method of RSMS (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme) should get the help of RCB (Regional Certifying Body) prior to assessment of RSMS Nomination by DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection).

Contact the Australian Immigration Expert to Apply for the Nomination based on the ACT Occupation List
The ACT Occupation List gets updated regularly; hence, it’s quite possible that occupation you apply for is already closed. Moreover, you should also be thorough with the program requirements and nomination criteria. Hence, it is advised to apply for nomination under the guidance of an expert.

If you wish to apply for Australian Skilled Migration Visa as per the ACT list, you may contact the Australian Immigration Expert at Visas Avenue. The Visas Avenue is a renowned Australian Immigration Advisory Company that has dedicated team of qualified Australian Immigration Specialist.

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