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Key Changes Announced in the Working Holiday Visa of Canada

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 20, Jan 2016

visas default image Canada is a center for immigration, especially, for the skilled workers, visitors, and international students. The working holiday visa in Canada provides the chance for individuals to explore Canada while working. However, recently, a few key changes have been announced in this visa, which you must pay attention to if you are seeking this visa for immigration to Canada. 

Working Holiday Visa in Canada
The Working Holiday Visa Scheme has been designed by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration and Canada) to facilitate the youngsters, who wish to work while exploring Canada. This Visa has been quite popular amount the young individuals over the years. The individuals who are interested get a job experience in Canada as tourists or visitors may apply for this particular visa through the sources available.

Key Changes Announced
The new changes are likely to change the whole approach, method, and process of the Working Holiday Visa Scheme. One of the major changes in the visa scheme is that the application of a candidate shall not get processed in chronological order, instead of that the individuals interested would require creating a profile and subsequently entering the pool of applicants. The country wise pool shall be made for candidates having two basic categories, i.e. one for the young professionals and overseas cooperation and the other one will be for the people willing to work in Canada on a holiday. Below is the stepwise process for a visa:

  • First of all, the selected candidates would need to complete a 15 minute ‘Come to Canada’ online survey, so that their eligibility for the visa can be judged.
  • Secondly, the candidate requires creating MyCIC account along with an IEC profile. The profile details would help authorities find out candidate’s eligibility for categories. The candidates shall be placed in pools depending on their candidature.
  • The selected candidates in these rounds shall become eligible to receive an invitation to apply for a work permit. On receipt of the invitation, a candidate shall have the time period 20 days to submit the required documents.
The IEC is gettable in all the countries, which had youth mobility, tie up with Canada. The working holiday entities are also involved as an alternate source for this program.

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