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Job Growth across Australia has been momentous in 2016- Trend is likely to Continue in 2017

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 24, Dec 2016

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Australia is considered as one of the favorite destinations of the immigrants. Well, the reasons are justified, if you take a look at the job growth in the Kangaroo land in 2016. In the year 2016, the growth in total number of jobs has been noticed almost in every state of Australia and the same is expected next year as well.

Job Growth across Australia in 2016

As per the assessment of the job advertised on job site SEEK, 6 percent more jobs have been advertised in the month of November, 2016 compared the jobs in last 12 months. This upsurge in the total jobs observed across various states and territories of Australia.


In Victoria, the South-eastern state of Australia, a rise of 12.7 percent observed in the total job advertisements. This upsurge was contributed by IT sector (14 percent), healthcare sector (24 percent) and transport, manufacturing and logistics (up to 21 percent), etc. The job growth in the state of Victoria is good sign considering the fact that it’s the second most populous state of Australia.

New South Wales

Beautified by its national parks and coastal cities, New South Wales, the biggest labour market of Australia registered the advertising growth of 6.9 percent in the month of November compared to the same period last year. This growth in jobs was led by ICT sector.

Western Australia and Queensland

The mining slump seems to have contributed in the fall in job advertisements in both Western Australia and Queensland. Though, it finally is stable now and appears to be coming on track once again.

Although, the Western Australia managed to register the job growth of 0.5 percent month by month, however, the fall of 11.2 percent was still there on annual basis compared to the year earlier. However, the Queensland recorded the job enhancement of 1.1 percent on month over month basis and a rise of 4 percent on year on year basis.

South Australia

South Australia (SA), the southern central part of Australia registered highest year on year growth over all states and territories of the country. With job advertisement growth of 16 percent it continued to dominate the job ads ratio in the country. The other noticeable increases in year on year job adverts were ACT (10.6 percent), Tasmania (8.3 percent), and Northern Territory (8.2 percent), etc.

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