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IRCC Yet Again Implements a Small Change in the CRS Ranking Method of Express Entry System

Posted - 13, Jun 2017

The Immigration Refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC) has yet again made a small change in the selection method of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of the federal express entry system. This new method will be applicable from June 6, 2017, along with the other few changes (i.e. points for Canadian sibling and French Proficiency) being implemented by IRCC from the same date.

Older Profiles in Express Entry System will get preference

As per this new small change in ranking method, the ranking of a candidate’s profile will be decided based on the date and time on which it was registered in federal express entry system. Hence, the profiles, which have been registered earlier in the federal express entry system, will get higher ranking compared to the ones registered later.

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However, the higher CRS score will still be the primary selection factor. The earlier registration factor will only come in to the equation when two candidates have the same minimum CRS score. For instance, if the qualifying marks or CRS Score requirement announced by IRCC is 410 and two candidates in the express entry pool have the same qualifying score, i.e. 410, then the preference will be given to the candidate, who registered his/her profile first in the express entry over the later registered candidate.

Hence, if IRCC has decided to invite certain number of candidates in a particular draw, it will first issue the ITA (Invitation to apply) to those candidates, which are registered earlier in express entry system, if minimum qualifying marks of two or more candidates are same.

Profile Update and new registration scenarios

The IRCC has also made clear their stand on the other possible scenarios, i.e. profile updated or profile re-registered after getting expired.

  • Profile Updated

If a candidate has registered his/her profile in September 15, 2016 and updated the same in January, 2017, the ranking in this case will be decided considering candidate’s first registration date only and not based on the date when profile was updates. Hence, such candidate will still get the preference in terms of ranking over the candidates registered after September 15, 2017.

  • Profile newly registered after getting expired

The express entry profile of every candidate remains valid for one year and hence, candidates require creating a new profile once their existing profile in express entry system is expired.

Now, if the profile of a candidate is expired in the express entry (after one year) and he has registered it again in the system, his registration will be considered on the date when it got registered again and not the old registration date. Hence, the ranking of such candidate will also be determined as per his/her new registration date.

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High CRS score is still the primary selection factor

The high CRS score will still be the first eligibility criteria for receiving ITA (invitation to apply) for Canadian Permanent Residency. A candidate, who has higher CRS score (compared to the earlier registered candidates), will first receive the ITA, irrespective of the fact when he/she registered the profile in express entry.

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