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Improvement in Visa Programs likely to continue in Australia

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 02, Dec 2016

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The amendment, changes, and improvements in the visa programs of Australia expected to continue in the coming months as well. It is essential to have such improvements on a regular basis in order to make the immigration to Australia smooth and hassle free from all aspects.

Visas will get cancelled in case of violation of immigration rules

As per the secretary of DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) Michael Pezzullo, visa will get cancelled if a visa holder has violated the visa rules and conditions. In the year 2015-16, about 60,000 visas have been cancelled due to different reasons, said Pezzullo. This number include the 15,000 overstay cases and 1900 unlawful workers.

Visa Improvements and reforms are essential

He further added that the present visa programs are bit complex in terms of process and guidelines, hence, the improvement and restructuring is essential for new visa arrangement and framework for smoother, organized and modernize system. Certain changes have been already implemented in the current visa framework and few others will get implemented in coming months.

Already introduced Visa Subclasses

The newly introduced changes also include the four new temporary work visas in place of the ongoing work visas as well as training and research visas. A new Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Subclass 400 Visa has also been introduced that will allow the foreign skilled workers to get employed in the short term or specific work of fixed period or partake in any activity that is in interest of Australia.

Apart from this, simplified student visa framework has also been structured to make certain that the Student visa program of Australia stay globally viable and enhance the growth in this regard. This new student visa framework has simplified the application process for the valid students, reduced formalities, and strengthen the uprightness of immigration, said Pezzullo. The other key changes include modification in the points test for skilled migration and introduction of a new entrepreneur visa in the month of September this year.

A few new changes are in pipeline

Before the end of the current year, may see new tourist visas including the multiple-entry Visa, valid for 10 years. This visa will have the stay period of 3 months. It may be for Chinese citizens to begin with, however, may get extended later on.

The government also understands the need of efficient immigration adherence and implementation ability in order to check, discourage and control the certain group of individuals, who either do not adhere to the visa rules or cause threat to the system, Puzzollo further added.

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