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Immigration South Australia to open limited number of applications based on Interim allocation received

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 18, Aug 2020

Immigration South Australia to open limited number of applications based on Interim allocation received The Immigration South Australia is going to receive the limited number of interim allocation of nomination places from Department of Home Affairs, Australia under GSM (General Skilled Migration Program) and Business migration programs for the program year 2020-21.

This limited number of allocation will be focused on supporting the economic and public health recovery of the state of South Australia.

Interim nomination allocations for South Australia

The Australian government will do the full nomination allocations for the program year 2020-21 later in the year, as part of this year's Budget process. However, the state government is in the process of finalizing the details regarding the program requirements and application process, etc. The applications for this limited allocation are likely to open towards the end of August 2020.
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The applications to be given preference

As per the instructions from the DHA (Department of Home Affairs), Australia, the applications will be given a priority according to:
  • Applications with High quality, under the Business Innovation and Investment Program, i.e. the applicants, who have already submitted an 'Intention to Apply', will get the preference.
  • Applicants crucial in terms of supporting South Australia's response to the Coronavirus pandemic, including the people, providing critical or specialist medical services, critical skills needed to sustain the supply of essential goods and services, or delivering services in sectors critical to country's economic recovery.
  • Quick consideration to onshore candidates that fulfil the above criteria.
The further details regarding the visa places allocation and applications will be shared shortly by the government of South Australia.

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